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Thorogood Boot Reviews

Boots are made to handle the toughest situation one can face. Whether it is hiking, camping, rambling or long hour working, we always look up to our boots for making it through the horrible situation. That’s why we can’t afford to overlook the quality of boots while buying it. This is where Thorogood boot comes in. Thorogood has work, duty, Safety, Trooper boots, etc. They provide materials of excellent quality and cool features with their shoes. Thorogood boots are also known for their sizing and fitting. As they have various types and kinds of boots, this Thorogood Boot Reviews will help you to choose the perfect boot for yourself.

This review is based on the users’ satisfaction and renowned footwear specialist Dr. K. Luthor’s opinion. Our team has also used these boots for providing the most relevant information about the shoes.

Top Thorogood Boots  List

Thorogood Boot Reviews For Men & Women

1. Thorogood Men's American Heritage Work Boot- (Most Comfortable Work Boots For Men)

This is a standard shoe for those who work for a long time on their feet. Its fiberglass shank will provide the perfect amount of support needed for your feet. No pain anywhere. Relaxing experience for long working hours.

Features and Benefits:
  • The rubber sole absorbs electricity and keeps you safe
  • Sole in the toe area is quite soft and comfortable
  • Edgy treads will save you from tripping
  • Brass hardware makes it even more durable
  • Steel Toe type structure will protect toe from sharp objects

What you will Like

What you may not Like

  • Electricity resistant
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Slip resistant rubber sole
  • Repairable Goodyear welt construction
  • Durable
  • Not Insulated
  • Insole area is too narrow for heel
  • Not suitable for hiking

2. Thorogood Men's Steel-Toe Work Boot- (Best Steel Toe Boot)

Thorogood Boot Reviews

You may think why we haven't selected this as our 1st choice. This steel-toe boot protects from sharp objects in your workplace.

Construction workers often face edgy and sharp tools or instruments while working. To avoid any accident, they need to protect every inch of their body as well as feet. This American heritage steel-toe boot is a perfect solution to safeguard your feet from sharp objects falling over.

Made of special Crepe sole that adds an extra layer of comfort and safety.

Crepe Sole: Crepe sole is made of Crepe rubber which is coagulated latex that is rolled out in crinkled sheets, commonly used to make soles for shoes and boots but is also a raw material for further processed rubber products.​

Features and Benefits:
  • Thin cushioned padding gives you extra comfort
  • Fluffy insert that prevents unnecessary pain.
  • Crepe soles resist tripping and allow firm grip on the floor
  • Steel-toe ensures that your feet won’t get hurt
  • The genuine leather upper gives you an eye-catching look
  • Easily washable and dust proof.

What you will Like

What you may not Like

  • Crepe Sole and padded inserts
  • Steel toe protection
  • Washable and dust proof
  • Rubber sole for firm grip
  • Original Leather & highly durable
  • Stitches may break after heavy use
  • Sweates slightly after long use
  • Causes blisters sometimes

3. Thorogood Men's Trooper 8" Side Zip Boot (Best Men's Zip Boot)

If you are someone who likes adventure or you go through tough places and situations on a daily basis, this is the perfect pair for you. It’s the best of all Thorogood duty shoes with some extra features.

Features and Benefits:
  • EVA midsole for absorbing unwanted shocks
  • It is a perfect pair for on-duty heavy and tough works.
  • Removing and wearing is easier for the zipper on the side.
  • Composite Shank makes it sturdy.
  • Very durable and tough.
  • Excellent supporting comfort for ankle.

Also, includes Dri-Lex Aerospacer lining for moisture comfort to your feet.

What you will Like

What you may not Like

  • Composite Shank for sturdiness
  • Complete ankle support
  • Moisturized comfort for feet
  • Shock absorbing midsole
  • Original Leather & highly durable
  • Quality of zipper is not that good
  • Design isn't modern
  • Narrow in the toe area

4. Men's Thorogood Cross - Trainer Boots ( Best Boots For Standing All Day)

Wanna go for hiking or a long morning walk? This is the one for you. Considering your safety, the outsole will resist tripping and high abrasion. So, it is suitable for hiking or walking a long distance.

Features and Benefits:
  • Includes removable Poly-Pillow Foot Placer insole to give you breathable softness
  • Vibram Enforcer slip and abrasion-resisting rubber outsole for safety
  • Comfortable weave lining.
  • Soft padding inside the shoe
  • The sole is thin and flexible to walk
  • Modern design lets you use it on different occasions.
  • Suitable for hiking and jogging. ( It will also be a great addition to your hunting equipment)

The upper is made of high gloss polymeric leather to give you a glazing black shiny look.

What you will Like

What you may not Like

  • Weave lining for extra comfort
  • Sidewall stitched cement construction
  • Slip and abrasion-resistant
  • Thin and flexible sole
  • Soft padding inside
  • The toe area is a bit narrow
  • Not made for extreme tough situations

What makes this shoe special is its insulation that keeps you warm all the time. Mostly suitable for those who work in cold, wet or muddy places. You won’t feel suffocated or chill breezes in your feet.

Highlighted Features:

  • A complete waterproof shoe suitable for working in muddy and wet places.
  • The customized composite shank makes it a steel toe type boot
  • Speed hook eyelets make it easy to lace up your boot
  • Flexible EVA cushion inside the boots.

For working in cold and humid situation, it has B- 400 Ultra insulation to give your feet ample warm.

What you will Like

What you may not Like

  • Water proof
  • Perfect for wet & cold working situation
  • Steel toe
  • Three-speed hook eyelets for quick lacing
  • Sole is not well attached to the body
  • Little uncomfortable in hot weather

6. Thorogood Night Recon Mid Cut Hiker(Cheap Hiking Boot)

Affordable and comfortable at the same time. It has some additional features compared to other Thorogood cheap boots. This affordable boot has padding in both collars and tongues. It means no more edges to hurt. Mostly recommended for players who have to run on their feet for long hours.

Features and Benefits:

  • Affordable and reasonable price.
  • PU removable insert pads give you soft stepping
  • Dual-density soles prevent abrasion and tripping
  • Padding inside the shoe gives you additional comfort
  • Cement construction for higher durability
  • EVA midsole for absorbing shock

Collar and tongues are padded separately. Now you can stay safe from blisters on your feet

What you will Like

What you may not Like

  • Cheap price
  • Moisture Wicking aerospace lining
  • Comfortable and removable footbed
  • Abrasion and slip resistant dual-density sole
  • Cushion comfort for feet
  • Upper leather is fairly hard
  • Soles are attached roughly to the upper

7. Thorogood Women's MO Work Boot (Best Women's Work Boot)

Most women used to buy men's boots as they have some extra features and benefits than women boots. However, we have found an amazing pair for women’s after researching 30 Thorogood women boots and chose the 6-inch MO Workboot as the best work boot for women. The water resistant leather can sustain sudden water splashes throughout hectic working sessions. And, the leather and sole are very durable.

Features and Benefits:

  • Midsole made of rubber. It protects you from electrical hazards.
  • Leather is water resistant but not waterproof
  • Versatile design
  • Long lasting materials used in this shoe
  • Smooth seaming around the shoe

Includes engineered Composite shank for excellent durability

What you will Like

What you may not Like

  • Shock-absorbing footbed
  • Rubber made midsole
  • Stylish design and long lasting
  • Water resistant leather
  • Engineered Composite shank for excellent durability
  • Do not have safety toe
  • No padding inside
  • Narrow in the toe area

Things to consider while buying Thoroughgood boots

No matter what you buy your boots from Thorogood or other brands, always consider the facts bellow before taking any final decision.


Choosing a durable boot for your work is crucial. You won’t be happy if your boot cracks open amidst your work.


You can determine whether your boot will last long or not by checking the materials of a shoe. Check the leather if it is genuine or not. People always look for smooth leather, but smoothness isn't a better way to know if the leather is good or bad.


In tough situations, you might need to wear the boots for a long time. If it is not comfortable, it will be difficult for you to keep it on for so long. Check if there is soft padding inside or not. Avoid sharp edges in collar and tongue.


Flexible boots are easy to use and to work. The inserts have to be thick and soft. For sole, dual–density soles are preferable. Make sure your sole is made with polyurethane. They are flexible compared to other soles.


Try to pick up steel toed boots. They can protect your feet from massive logs falling on your feet. For avoiding electrical hazards, choose a boot that has rubber soles. Rubber is an excellent insulator. That’s why you won’t have to bother for electrical accidents as long as you choose a rubber sole. When you go for hunting by Rimfire Scope, you must care about it.


Sometimes you might have to work in cold and warm places. Make sure your boot keeps the perfect temperature for you to survive the situation. If you usually work in hot weather, be sure your shoe has holes for ventilation. If you work in the cold and wet atmosphere, your boot should have a thick and soft padding inside. This filling will work as an insulator.

End Note

If you want to have a great time throughout your outdoor and working hours, don’t let your misjudgment ruin it. With this review on Thorogood boots, the days are long gone when you didn’t know what to look for in a boot. But now that you know don’t overlook the qualities of a boot that makes it suitable for you according to your working habit and preference. It’s not hard to find a proper boot in your budget. You just have to know what qualities and features are you looking for in your boot. Note down those qualities and compare them with the shoes in this review to take a wise decision. Thanks for reading.