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Teva Katavi Thong Review | Men’s Perfect Outdoor Sandal

Teva Katavi Thong Review

It seems as though there is a pair of flip flops thongs for just about every occasion these days. They've gone from something you spend a few bucks in a drug store on to high end sandals you can do just about anything in. Today we're looking at the men's Teva 'Katavi' Thong.

If these flip flops were a car they'd be a big SUV. You can take them just about anywhere and they'll always get the job done. I've been wearing these for a while now so let's take a closer look.

Teva Katavi Thong Review: Outdoor Sandal, Walnut, 9 US

Pros of Men's Teva 'Katavi' Thong Sandals


On my business card it should say, “Chases kids.” I spend most of the summer running around the beach, swimming pools, baseball fields, and my backyard at BBQ’s after those little monsters. In the past my flip flops would go flying off as I went in all different directions.

Not with the Teva Katavi's. I have never worn a flip flop that forms to your foot so well that you can actually move laterally in them. They feel like a shoe while still giving you everything you want from a flip flop.


This is where the Teva 'Katavi' really distinguish themselves from the rest. The quality is tough to beat. You don’t have to be an expert to know this after looking at these flip flops for about 5 seconds. The sole has heavy tread with thick leather that both last a while and protects your feet. The toe post is substantial while still being confortable and mine have never shown any signs of falling apart -- ever.

Cons of Men's Teva 'Katavi' Thongs


While the fit is great, I still hate that most flip flops come in whole sizes. This isn’t just a problem with just the Katavi, but I’m lumping these flip flops in with the rest of them. The 10 isn’t quite big enough for me and the 11 is a little too big. It irritates me. It’s really the only thing that disappoints me about the product.


If you’re an active guy and aren’t just looking for a flip flop to get you from one place to the other, this then look no further. The Teva Katavi's will give you the support you need on short hikes, the fit you need when you’re running on the beach and the comfort you need when you have them on all day. Just a great flip flop.