What Style of Shoes Should You Wear After an Intense Roller Skating Workout?


For those who just can’t pass up on an opportunity to lace up their Riedell roller skates and enjoy an intense session of roller skating, then you also know all about the burn and just how tired your feet and body are after the workout. While filled with fun, roller skating is also known as a cardio workout, burning calories, working your leg and arm muscles, and really pushing your endurance level.

So, as you take your roller skates off, it’s only natural to want to reach for a pair of shoes that are comfortable and supportive for your tired feet. What style of shoe is best in this situation? Let’s take a closer look.

Roller Skating shoe

Look for Something with Cushioning and Support

When you are out looking for that perfect type of post-workout shoe, you want to be sure that cushioning and support are high on the list. This is actually the type of shoe that is ideal for those who are on their feet for long periods of time. While you may automatically think of an athletic shoe, there are many slip-on shoes that can check off those categories of cushioning and support. Sometimes you’re not in the mood to switch to an athletic looking shoe, so the slip-on can be more versatile.

A great type of material to look for is memory foam. A memory foam interior does a great job at providing a soft cushion footbed, yet at the same time it shapes to your individual foot and provides you with support.

Make Sure the Shoes Allow for Breathability

Another tip is to look for a shoe that allows for breathability. Roller skates such as the popular Riedell brand often feature an upper leather, which is breathable and sturdy, but you will also see lightweight breathable materials include mesh and canvas used in sports shoes. These materials are very comfortable for a warm-weather workout.

Choose a lightweight and cool material allows that sweat to escape and also helps to keep the shoes smelling a little fresher since you won't be trapping the smell inside.

Reach for a Slide or Flip Flop

While you may not automatically think of a slide or flip-flop as a post-workout or recovery shoe, in reality, many athletes reach for exactly this kind of shoe. When you think about it, these types of shoes allow your foot to breath, if you’re the type whose feet swell when they get hot, a flip-flop or slider shoe allows that extra room, and you can find many styles that offer full support nowadays. These shoes are also very quick and easy to slip on after you take off your roller skates.

Give Your Feet the Care They Need

These tips will help you to give your feet the care they deserve after an intense roller skating session so that they are able to recover and be ready for the next intensive workout.