Shoes Review

Strength Shoes Review

Strength Shoes Review

If you are looking to increase vertical jump, using Strength Shoes can make a huge difference. The Strength Shoe is a type of sneaker with an additional platform. It is entirely a fixture in a sports training community to help athletes looking to increase higher or increase their own vertical. Focusing on your calf muscles, appropriate training with Strength Shoes can add 5-10 inches to your vertical jump, while significantly expanding your speed, power, explosion, and coordination. It enables you to work your calves and Achilles ligaments without risking to your lower legs or knees. In this Strength Shoes Review, we will review on 2017 Strength Plyometric Shoes, Jump Higher available on

Top Strength Shoes Review

Strength Shoes Review

2016 Strength Plyometric Shoes is a high rated strength shoe. In regular shoes, 70% of the body weight rests on the heel. Therefore the calf muscles, little extra effort in supporting the body. In jump99 shoes, the hell factor is eliminated, causing the calves to support 100% of the body's weight. This overload works the calves and Achilles tendons with force equal to 6, times the body's weight impact. It helps countless athletes achieve remarkable results


  • It can add 5-10 inches to your vertical jump
  • Model is the lightest ever
  • New material to allow for increased foot breathability.
  • Increase Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers for Explosive Power
  • Light weight shoes to enable you to expand your vertical jumps with plyometric training.
  • Shave up to 2/10ths of your 40-yard dash without any additional speed training.


  • A little bit expensive
  • Not good for jogging too many miles

How does it work?

These shoes work by putting an extra platform under the toe. When you wear them, the calf muscles are forced to work harder to keep you upright and balanced. This strengthens them far beyond what regular exercising can do. It puts a constant, positive stress on the muscles. The more you use it, the stronger it gets. You will most likely need a few days Using Strength Shoes to get used to the minor differences. However, once you adjust, you will have the capacity to walk, run and jump like ordinary.

You may check this video to see how it works.

Final Note:

There are so many ways to improve and improve your vertical leap. But if you are looking for the fastest way then using strength shoes will really help you accomplish this goal. Using strength shoes is a proven way. They are better for jumping exercises. Also, the strength shoe is more stylish. You can undoubtedly improve your ability to leap higher and slam more dunks working with strength shoes.