Best Stacy Adams Shoes Review & Buying Guide

Competition is fairly still in modern times, as it seems that nearly every shoe company has at least a few different pairs to offer buyers.There are certainly some good choices out there, although it may be a bit difficult to find them when looking past the aesthetics and brand name of a shoe. Stacy Adams shoes for men series has stood the test of time, and continually offers an incredibly lightweight shoe with best materials and comfort of design. As they have many shoes for men, this Stacy Adams Shoes Review will help you to choose the perfect shoe for yourself.

This review focuses on stylish Stacy Adams shoes for men and the different features of each collection. So that, it becomes easy for you to purchase the right pair that suits your desire.


Model Name



Stacy Adams Shoes Review

Stacy Adams Men's Beau Slip-On

4 out of 5

 Stacy Adams Shoes Review

Stacy Adams Men's Flynn Slip-On Loafer

4.2 out of 5

 Stacy Adams Shoes Review

Stacy Adams Men's Madison Cap Toe Boot

4.2 out of 5

 Stacy Adams Shoes Review

Stacy Adams Men's Madison II Chukka Boot

4 out of 5

Stacy Adams Shoes Review

Stacy Adams Men's Santana Tassel Loafer

4.3 out of 5

Stacy Adams Shoes Review

Stacy Adams Men's Garrison Wingtip Oxford

3.8 out of 5

Stacy Adams Shoes Review

Stacy Adams Men's Templin Bicycle-Toe Slip-On

4.1 out of 5

Stacy Adams Shoes Review

Stacy Adams Men's Dickinson Cap-Toe Oxford

4.3 out of 5

Stacy Adams Shoes Review

Stacy Adams Men's Biscayne Fisherman Sandal

4.3 out of 5

Stacy Adams Shoes Review

Stacy Adams Men's Atwell Oxford

3.9 out of 5

Stacy Adams Shoes Review

1. Stacy Adams Men's Beau Slip-On (Comfortable Dress Shoe For Men)

Stacy Adams Men's Beau Slip-On is very Comfortable and decent looking business dress shoe.These shoes are formed of real leather and look expensive and classic. Its slip-on feature makes these quick and easy to put on and off, even without a shoe horn. Another nice feature of this shoe is leather lining that makes the shoe feel airy and prevents the foot from obtaining too hot. This black shoe is one of the most popular picks of Stacy Adams dress shoes, may be of its beautiful colors.



  Real leather and can chip easily.

  Double-Sided Goring

  Truly made in USA or Imported.

  23 sizes & two colors available.

  Cushioned footbed gives extra arch support.

  Leather lining is comfortable and long lasting

  Hell is about an inch and a half, that is very perfect.

  Expensive for the quality of materials

  Needs regular maintenance to keep them looking new

  The leather can be stiff and uncomfortable for particular types of feet

Double-Sided Goaring

Goring is an elasticized piece of material that is used to join two more pieces of a shoe upper together. Shoes that have to gore on both sides are said to have double goring. 

2. Stacy Adams Men's Flynn Slip-On Loafer (Leather Slip On Loafer)

Stacy Adams Men's Flynn Slip-On Loafer

Men's Flynn Slip-On Loafer is the customer's choice shoe popular in Stacy Adams loafers. Its popularity may be for its collection of colors and sizes. There is 23 size, and nine different colors are available to buy. It has fully cushioned insole. You will love this feature because it added comfort. Its heel is not too high, approximately 1 inch. It helps you walking very smoothly. You will feel comfortable without any pinch around the instep.



  Very nice looking fashionable pair of shoes

  Two toned features.

  Much fit as expected.

  Available in colors that match any outfit.

  Cushioned insole makes them very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

  Added a long narrow toe

  A little big size

  Tight across the arch for the particular size.

3. Stacy Adams Men's Cap Toe Boot (Cap Toe Dress Boots)

Stacy Adams Men's Madison Cap Toe Boot

Stacy Adams Madison Cap Toe Boot  is the excellently polished smooth kid leather that gives the boot a high-end standard look. This shoe retains the shiny new look with a minimal amount of effort. The sole of the boot is made of hard leather which is comfortable and durable. You will like the build of the only once you begin walking on the street with it because it is intended for the most comfort for your foot. Its perfect height is to make for comfortable walking and also give an attractive look when you worn for different occasions.



  Smooth polished kidskin leather

  The Sole is made by Leather 

  Perforated cap toe

  Durable leather is used in soles and heels.

  Stylish design that gives a standard look.

  Kid leather helps to look like new with minimal care.

 Expensive for the quality of material

 Eyelets tend to fall off after little use.

 Leather appears to break in quickly.

Perforated Cap Toe: The toe cap is an extra piece of fabric, may be leather, cloth or synthetic, placed in front of the upper.

4. Stacy Adams Men's Chukka Boot (Comfortable Chukka Boots)

Best Stacy Adams Shoes Review

If you are looking for a quality product at a low price, you can go for the Stacy Adams Chukka Boots, You’ll find it perfect for you as it comes in 13 different sizes and three different colors. There are rich leather lining and insole with the genuine leather outsole. The leather sole is durable and gives the shoes extra bounce for comfort. It has a smooth leather upper with tonal stitching and perforated details. You can maximize your outfit with the perfect finishing touch!



  Maximize your outfit with the perfect finishing touch!

  Rich leather lining and insole.

  Imported genuine leather outsole.

  Cap toe has added

  Smooth leather upper with tonal stitching and perforated details.

  Lace up front closure with metal eyelets.

  Thick leather

  Leather is very shiny 

  Cheap lace hooks

5. Stacy Adams Men's Santana Tassel Loafer (Mens Snakeskin Dress Shoes)

Best Stacy Adams Shoes Review

An excellent feature on the Tassel Loafer is the unique animal print that dresses up the middle part of the shoe. You will like this feature because it makes these particular shoes look dressier than you would usually require in a tassel loafer. The slip-on feature of the shoe makes them simple to take on and off without all of the bending associated with undoing shoelaces or zippers. The real leather polish is glossy and classy looking, and the genuine snakeskin and crocodile print exterior goes with any outfit. With these Stacy Adams snakeskin shoes, you will get unique style, comfort, and craftsmanship.



  Stylish, timeless appearance in a range of sleek looking colors

  Versatile enough in look to wear casually or for formal occasions

  Cushioning insole makes comfortable to wear for long periods of time

  Breathable leather linings and padded leather insole deliver comfort.

  Animal-print makes these shoes look like authentic snake-skin shoes

  ​They are not flexible enough for wider feet as they have a narrow fit

  You need to order a size or half a size smaller than you normally wear so they don't fall off

Stacy Adams Shoes Review

The excellent features of the Stacy Adams Oxford Wingtip are how comfortable they are for any foot type. The quality construction of the shoe can mold to feet that are wide and flat, or narrow and high-arched. Another great feature is the sharp curve of this shoe. You will like the long toe, and clean lines which give these a traditional wingtip look and the two-tone model are classic looking. The fully cushioned insole of the Wingtip also gives extra arch support for times when you're spending hours on your feet. You will enjoy this feature once you wear them for a little while because there won't be any of those blisters that usually come with breaking in new shoes.



  Fully cushioned insole for added comfort

  Synthetic sole

  Look expensive for a low price

  Great arch support if you are on your feet for long periods of time

  The classic look is stylish and versatile enough to wear for different formal occasions

  Many styles to choose from including two-tone

  Need a lot of continence to keep them looking new

  The material can look cheap and feel stiff

  Outside is not made of real leather; it is only on the inside of the shoe

7. Stacy Adams Men's Slip-On (Best Bicycle Slip On)

Templin Bicycle-Toe comes from simple design. It offers perfect good looks with a healthy dose of hip style. These Stacy Adams Slip On Shoes are formed of solid leather and look expensive and classic, but the long bicycle-toe make them look more modern than other shoes of this type. Its full leather linings provide extra-comfortable breathability. Also, checks the foot from getting too hot when worn for a while.



  True leather upper makes these shoes look high quality.

  Leather lining is comfortable and long lasting

  Can put on and off, even without a shoe horn for its Slip-on feature

  The stitching is eye-catching and stylish

  Wants regular maintenance to keep them looking new

 Toe is too long in the front making them look off-balance for some feet

  You required requesting a little size than normal because they are made big and can slip off

8. Stacy Adams Men's Dickinson Cap-Toe Oxford (Mens Casual Oxford Shoes)

Stacy Adams Shoes Review

The Cap-Toe Oxford has a contrasting outsole that makes the shoe look very handsome and more expensive than the actual price. It has memory foam insole that makes every step entirely comfortable. One suggestion to take into consideration when buying this shoe is to get a larger size than normal as they fit small.



  Its Rubber soles make comfortable to stand in or walk in for long periods.

  The hand stitching across the shoe gives it a classic look

  The memory foam insole gives them comfortable

  Many colors available with multiple sizes

  Versatile enough to be worn for formal or semi-formal occasions

  The material has an odor that takes a few days to air out

  Recommendation is to order ½ a size larger than you usually wear otherwise they will be too snug

  Require a lot of maintenance to keep them looking new

9. Stacy Adams Men's Biscayne Fisherman Sandal (Best Fisherman Sandal For Men) 

Stacy Adams Shoes Review

A small thing can make your fishing annoying. If you fishing boat, rod, trolling motor, deep cycle battery everything is ready but your shoe is not made up for fishing you might end up with some unexpected issues.

Stacy Adams sandal is almost a classic name when it comes to fishing shoes. Men's Biscayne Fisherman Sandal is one of our top picks of the most suitable shoe for Fisherman Its lightweight sole allows you to move one place to another quickly. It looks great, made of high-quality materials and have Flexible sole. It has flexible soles that are also a plus, as fisherman tend to kneel down a lot and need more freedom of movement in their feet.



  Fully cushioned insole added comfort.

  Fits perfect

  Light weight shoe

  Nice looking and very comfortable

  Very attractive and can be worn with dress shorts or with evening trousers and a nice shirt

  Used Cheap materials

  Needs regular maintenance to keep them looking new

10. Stacy Adams Men's Atwell Oxford (Best Mens Oxford)

Stacy Adams Shoes Review

This Oxford is the genuine leather outside that makes these shoes look expensive. You will especially like the different colors these shoes are available in including cognac. The Atwell Oxford shoes are stylish and versatile enough to wear for any occasion whether at a casual get-together or a formal business meeting. It is recommended to try these shoes on at a retailer to find the size that is right for you, but if that is not possible, then to order a smaller size than you would usually wear.



  Stylish look is timeless

  The stitching on this shoe makes them look sharp and elegant

  Many Colors available

  Genuine leather exterior makes these shoes look and feel high quality and more costly they are

  Fiberglass Shank for support

  The color is not exactly as shown on the website

  They have a trend to rip at the seams after only a few wears

  The quality of the shoe is low.

What should you consider in buying shoes?

Comfort: The most important point in buying a new pair of shoe is the comfort of your feet. If they aren't comfortable, then you will reasonably not wear them for long, and they will sit at the back of your closet. You are a good judge of which type of shoe you prefer, so trust your experiences when buying the best shoes for you.

Weight: Try to purchase lightweight shoes. Wet shoes make you tired quickly and draw an enormous impact on overall satisfaction. Especially, if you need to walk and always move in your workplace, lightweight shoes are essential for you.

Support: Try to buy shoes with a better arch and ankle support especially for a broadened hour remaining in your workplace. If you want a pair of shoes that requires very little care beyond the first polish, then that is a consideration you will want to think about when buying a new pair.

Shape & Design: Shape & Design is an important fact while choosing shoes. A casual deck shoe that you might be wearing when boating will likely not be done with high-quality leather in case it gets wet. The dress shoe that is meant for formal functions and business meetings will probably not be made of canvas.

Consider Reviews: Read details reviews before buying a pair of shoeTake them as advice. They’ll be very helpful.

Learn Commitments: Know the warranty and guarantee terms carefully. If you find it unfitting after getting back to home, you can return or request for a different size.

Budget: Budget is important fact especially when you choose the look of one in particular. Maximum brands will carry different price levels in shoes with similar features, but one or two differences that maintain the difference.

Final Note

Stacy Adam's seal of quality is stitched all over these unique, stylish shoes, and the quality assures that all eyes will be on your feet when you wear them out. The highest quality leather will come with a heavier price but will last longer and look better. We surely hope that we have provided you the valuable information in this Stacy Adams Shoes Review. It will assist you in selecting the perfect one. Pick the right one that fits most of your needs.

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