How Running Shoes Can Prevent Achilles?


Running has great health benefits but it can also cause a range of injuries if proper care is not taken. Professional and amateur runners tend to suffer from several types of hips, ankle, back, and foot related injuries. Achilles tendonitis is one of the most common types of injuries that runners suffer from. There are several reasons why runners suffer such injuries but most of injuries are caused by the lack of proper equipment and knowledge. Most runners don’t have the proper knowledge and experience about what kind of shoes they should choose to keep their running fun and injury free. It is a proven fact that the use of running shoes to prevent Achilles tendonitis is the most effective way of keeping yourself injury free.

To excel at any sport you need to have proper equipment and training, similarly to keep yourself safe on your runs you need to choose the right shoes. A good quality shoe would help you utilize energy efficiently while keeping you safe from the injury, while a poor quality shoe would not only compromise the quality of your run but would substantially increase the risk of injury.

Most Common Cause of Achilles Tendonitis

Poor shoes are the biggest cause of Achilles Tendonitis. Poorly designed shoes do not provide ample support to the sole of foot that significantly increase the risk of Achilles tendonitis. The Achilles tendon connects the calf with the heel of your foot that provides leverage and strength while walking or running. Intense pressure or undue stress can snap this ligament resulting in serious injuries. The best running shoes for Achilles tendonitis not only prevent undue stress on the Achilles tendon but also let you utilize your muscles more efficiently. So try to choose comfortable walking shoes.

Technique is also important in running or long distance walking, without exercising proper technique your tire quickly and would have higher risk of injury as well. A well designed shoe would provide support to your foot, calves, and heel creating a more comfortable running experience. A good running shoe is perfect for preventing injuries as well as letting you compete to the best of your abilities.

A poor fitting shoe that constantly rubs on the back of your heel can cause serious irritation and swelling on Achilles tendon and can lead to traumatic pain or injury. Therefore a well-designed and well fitted shoe goes a long way in protecting you from injuries.

The Ultimate Runner's Guide to Achilles Tendinitis

Certain manufacturers specialize in designing running shoes that have unique design elements that guard you against the frequent risk of running related injuries. The competitive runners place as much importance on the choice of their shoes as they put on their training. A good running shoe is absolutely essential if you love to run or wish to enjoy competitive running. Running shoes are also great if you are in high intensity sport such as soccer or basketball.

If you are an active individual and engage in high intensity sports on frequent basis then a good quality running shoe is the best investment that you can make. A good quality running shoe strikes perfect balance between comfort and support.

Generally comfortable shoes have soft soles that lack the proper support while hiking shoes tend to have sturdies soles that tire your feet quickly. Therefore a specialized running shoe is essential to unlock your true running potential. It is proven that the running shoes are absolutely perfect for avoiding injuries to your Achilles tendon while helping you run in a comfortable manner.

Even those individuals who already suffer from Achilles tendonitis can experience significant improvement by changing their footwear. Use of running shoes can help them recover faster and avoid any future injuries. There is nothing better than Running shoes to prevent Achilles tendonitis.

Best Running Shoes to Prevent Achilles Tendonitis

1. Nike Free Flyknit Running Shoes For Men And Women

Nike Women's Free RN Flyknit Running Shoe

Nike Free Flyknit for Women

Nike Men's Free Flyknit

Nike Free Flyknit for Men

Nike Free RN Flyknit also a fantastic arch support which is required to offer enough support to stay away from straining of their Achilles tendon. The shoes are extremely comfortable to get a runner and never irritating in any way.

It is available in lots of designs and colours too. Out of most of Nike running shoes, this is, in fact, the best for Achilles Tendonitis. This is really a pocket-friendly price to find such shoes.