How to make your shoes Bigger


When you realize the shoes you bought won’t fit you, you have no other option but to tolerate that sturdy and unbreathable pair. But why should you? The only thing, you wish that it will stretch itself somehow? Trust me, it’s not going to happen. You’ll have to come up with a solution by yourself. To make it easy, here we have listed few ingenious and inexpensive ways to stretch your shoes with common things lying around you. All methods are elaborated properly with all necessary information and warning.

But before proceeding, you must know what the materials of your shoe are. Without knowing the material, don’t try any method bellow. You might end up damaging the shoes.

1. Wear them at home:

make shoes Bigger

The easiest and traditional way to stretch your shoes is to wear them all time at home. Your feet will force them to expand. This works better if your shoes are made of polyester, leather or any synthetic polymer material.

Warning: Don’t try this method if your shoes are made of cotton or any natural fiber as they may tear apart if they are forcefully stretched

2. Sock Stretching:

make shoes Bigger

This method only works for leather shoes. Don’t use it on fabric and Synthetic shoes because this method requires heating up the shoes

 Wear Thick socks first and then the shoes on your feet.

 Heat the upper or only the toe area with a hair dryer.

 Put your feet back and forth to adjust your shoe to your size.

 Stop heating after every 1-2 minutes and leave them to cool down.

 Repeat this as many times as needed to get to your desired expansion.

 Use any leather shoe conditioner for reviving the moisture.

Warning: Use heat with precaution especially when heating vintage shoes as it might weaken the glue.

3. Sock ball stretching:

make shoes Bigger

Any shoes can be stretched with sock balls. Just follow the steps.

 Gather some old socks

 Roll them into a ball shape.

 Stuff those balls in the shoes and keep them overnight.

Once you have done this to both of your shoes, you would find the difference.

4. Freezer Stretching:

make shoes Bigger

When water freezes into ice, the area of the water increases a little. Using this nature of water, you can Stretch your shoes.

 Pick one thick plastic bag or balloon for each shoe.

 Fill one-third of the bag with water.

 Seal the pack tightly.

 Place the bag inside the shoe where you need it to expand. 

 Put the shoes in the freezer

 When the water is completely frozen, the area will extend accordingly.

5. Newspaper Stretching:

make shoes Bigger

This method is similar to sock ball stretching. But in this case, you will need to use newspapers instead of socks.

 Cut old newspapers in pieces.

 Put them in a bowl full of water and let them soak the water.

 Once the newspaper absorbs the water, stuff them in your shoes

 Let it dry in sunlight or any dry place

 Once dried, remove the papers from the shoes. You’ll find it comparatively loose than before.

6. Using Oats:

make shoes Bigger

It is an old trick to make your shoes bigger with oats or any grains that soak water when wet.

 Fill your shoe with oats.

 Add water and let the oats swell.

 After few hours remove the oats from your shoes and let them dry.

 Wear them few days to adjust to your feet.

Once this is done, you’ll find the difference in the shape.

7. Using Alcohol:

make shoes Bigger

Rubbing alcohol can help stretching any narrow shoe. But remember the proportion. It has to be 50 percent water and 50 percent alcohol.

 Fill any spray can or bottle with 1:1 proportion of water and alcohol.

 Spray it inside the shoes.

 Wear it quickly before it dries.

 Put it on for about 30 minutes after you have sprayed the alcohol.

 Do the same for as many times as necessary.

Warning: Alcohol dries very quickly. So, put it on immediately after spraying.

8. Potato Stretching:

make shoes Bigger

Take a boiled potato and mash it. Put that mashed potato into your shoe. Keep it overnight. Consider taking a larger piece of potato.

Tip: Potato traps odor. So, don’t be afraid to use potato in your shoe. It won’t smell bad.

9. Shoe-Stretcher:

make shoes Bigger

Shoe-Stretchers are often made of Wood, Plastic or Steel. It has a shape of a real foot. It is used to adjust the shoe size and stretch the narrow areas.

 Arrange a Shoe-Stretcher. You can buy it from stores or borrow from any cobbler.

 After inserting the stretcher, you need to wait few days to see the change.

 The stretcher comes with shoe-stretcher oil or spray. It can make the device suppler. Use it for a better result.

10. Get them Stretched by a professional:

If you can’t do it yourself or you are afraid that you may damage the shoes, hire a professional cobbler for your job. They usually have machines for this kind of job. Just a little bit pressure and it will stretch.

For your delicate and costly shoes, little service charge and effort is worth it. You won’t want your favorite shoe to be damaged.

Now you no longer have to suffer for your tight shoes. So, quickly pick a method and follow it accordingly. Don’t let it hurt your feet anymore. Know the material of your shoe and follow any process suitable for that type of material. Stretching your shoes is now easier than ever and you can do it too.

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