How to Stop Shoes From Squeaking

Squeaky shoes can be annoying and embarrassing to use. Suppose you have a pair of pretty nice shoes that you use in the party and occasions. But while walking on the aisle in a quiet auditorium or attending in a serious meeting or silently move to a place it will create problems for you. For that reason, most of the people throw their shoes away in the dustbin or store room. To solve this problem, we research at a lot and write content on how to stop shoes from squeaking for good.

How to stop shoes from squeaking

We research and find some methods to stop shoes from squeaking. The methods will be discussed below.

1. Fix the damages of your shoes:

Most of the time damage shoes cause squeaking. Try to fix your shoes from the cobbler or you can fix it yourself with strong glue. Besides this, you can tell your squeaking problem to the cobbler. They may have the experience to help you.

2. Fix Friction Between Insoles And Shoe Soles:

Sometimes squeaking may cause by friction between the insoles and shoe soles. It's mainly created by sections of the shoe rubbing against each other. To fix this issue, simply lift the inner sole of the shoe and put cornstarch, talcum or baby powder. This powder can reduce the moisture from the shoes and control the motion between the liner and the shoe.

3. Try wearing socks:

How to stop shoes from squeaking

Wearing good socks is the best way to stop squeaking. When we wear shoes without socks, sometimes sweat comes out from our feet due to moisture and cause squeaking. So let's try wearing socks with your shoes for a week and see the result.

4. Drying Your Shoes:

You can also dry your shoes to stop squeaking. Most of the time, moisture inside the shoes cause sweating which cause squeaking. So try to dry your shoes. But before drying your shoes please remove your insoles and hang them to dry. You can also place old newspaper in the shoes to reduce moisture. Beside this, you can use facial steamer to steam and dry your shoes.

5. Use a paper towel or a dryer sheet in your shoe:

How to stop shoes from squeaking

It will help your shoes from squeaking. Just put a paper towel or dryer sheet in between the sole and insole. It will reduce moisture from the shoes and help to control the motion to stop squeaking.

6. Use oil to your shoe:

If you are using leather shoes then the material may shrink or stretch due to weather conditions. It can also create squeaking. In this condition, you should use a paper towel or dry cloth to apply a bit of shoe oil to the seams. Do not use too much oil to the shoes as it can stain leather shoes.Thus you can get rid of new leather shoes squeak.

I think these methods might help you to stop squeaking. Please let us know whether you have been benefited or not.


  • Updated November 15, 2017
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