How to Make Shoes Smaller – Best 6 Ways

How to Make Shoes Smaller

Product description can sometimes be misleading, especially the size of your shoe. Different measuring system and unit make it even more complicated. You may think the size you bought from Amazon or other online store is a perfect fit, but sometimes it isn’t that simple. Often a good lengthy pair can have a narrow toe area. So, it is wise to choose a comparatively longer shoe for ample toe area if your feet are wide. But then you need to adjust the length. Leather type shoes might extend in hot weather. Sometimes the shoe stretches itself and gets loose. It is so traumatic to find your favorite pair being loose after few weeks. It’s better to wear shoes that are well fitted rather than loose ones. Wearing your loose shoes might cause you to trip or ankle sprain.

Sometimes you need to reshape the length and sometimes the width. Some shoes are large all around which requires both narrowing and shortening. But how you should do it? Well, this article is an attempt to simplify this particular trouble with your shoe. Here are six simple and relatively inexpensive ways to fix this footwear conundrum and make those lengthy shoes fit as before.

Follow the ways to make shoes smaller

1. Full-size Insole

make shoes smaller

Insoles are available in many sizes, shapes, materials and of course in various colors both non-branded and branded. It is one of the easiest and simplest ways to make your shoes small. As there are varieties of shoes, there are also varieties in the full-size insole. With your sneakers, you may insert shock and abrasion absorbing ones and flat ones for heels and flat shoes. These generic insoles are different for each various types of shoe.

These insoles can be found in local drugstores and Amazon. If you can’t find the branded ones (like Hug my heels, Pedag, Hotter shoes, Dr. Scholl’s, etc.), any ordinary insoles will work too.

2. Half Insoles / Foot Cushions:

make shoes smaller

If you wear summer sandals, Flip flop sandals or any flat shoe, you would like to buy half insoles or ball of foot cushions. They will prop your feet little higher. Besides, they will also add cushioned padding and grip, preventing your toes from sliding and slipping inside the shoe.

There are two types of ball of foot insoles to choose.

Dr. Scholl’s Gel ball of foot cushions:

This kind of insole is comparatively thicker than the other half insole. It’s designed to prevent tripping, highly washable and reusable. Special sticky surface will not damage inside of the shoes. But one thing to worry about is the sweatiness cause by the padded insole. So it is better to use them without socks. It comes with six months guarantee too.

Pedag’s Genuine leather half insoles:

It is a breathable and comfortable alternative to the gel insoles without the sweatiness. Comparatively thinner but the extra traction under your feet will resist unwanted sweat

3. Heel liners / Back of heel inserts:

make shoes smaller

It is a 3-inch strip that sits on the back of your heel shoe. It helps to shorten the length and also gives you comfort beneath your feet. Heel liners/inserts also resist slipping and tripping and prevent unwanted blisters.

It comes in gel, fabric and special latex free materials. If inserted correctly, it can reduce up to couple inches of your shoes.

4. Shoe Fillers:

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Can toe inserts be used as shoe fillers? Yes, if you have a closed-toe shoe which is way too longer than your foot, you can use toe inserts as shoe fillers. You can pair it with heel liners and Ball of foot cushions too.

There are brands like Sizers, Sizers dupe, Shoolex, etc. and they are durable, washable & a better alternative of stuffing cloth and cotton.

5. Shoe Tongue Pads:

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This product is for you if you have low arch or instep. Shoe tongue pads are unfamiliar to the most user. But these are a great combination with loafers, oxfords, and sneakers. Available in various sizes to match your feet.

Tongue pads are felt-like thick materials that stick to the inner part of the tongue of your shoe. It does a great job narrowing the shoe area.

6. Footies and Socks:

make shoes smaller

Why not use thick socks to adjust the size of your shoes? If you don’t want others to see your socks peeking out of your shoe, then footies are your second best option for this. Footies are kind of a hidden sock that covers the area which is under your long jeans or trousers. This method will only be helpful if you wear long trousers or flared jeans that cover up to your ankle.

It is the traditional way to adjust shoes. You can choose different footies for different shoes. But if you don’t want to spend much, only a single pair can do the trick for you as the footies remain hidden under your pants.

Final Note

To conclude, it’s not any rocket science or magic to make shoes smaller. With inexpensive inserts, socks or footpads, shoes can be narrowed down quickly. Pick the easiest method to make your shoe small. Remember to use a method that is comparatively cheap. We would recommend the last one as it only requires socks and footies. But other inserts won’t cost much. But if you don’t want to spend any extra money, you can always ask your cobbler to make those minor tweaks for your shoe. He can easily add few extra layers of the insole in your shoe.

Remember, a well-fitted shoe provides extra comfort to your feet especially the heel which most of the loose shoes can’t provide. So, it is wise to spend some time and bucks for perfect comfort and durability.

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