How to Hide Shoelaces: Very Easy Method

How to Hide Shoelaces

The shoelaces usually exposed like a bow on top of the shoe. But it can annoy your mold sense and make an outfit seem chaotic. Disappeared laces place extra of a focus on the outfit than the shoes. So why, nowadays, most people just want to know how to hide shoelaces.

Many people, especially young class, do not prefer to show the laces. You might see them on the street, not see the 'bow tie' shoelaces, and question, what's their mystery? You can easily cover your laces with a few steps. This article is about how to hide your shoelaces simply. You can do that with casual shoes, smart casual shoes, and classic shoes.

How to Hide Shoelaces With Only a Few Steps:

Step 1: Grab the pair of your shoes you would like to lace.

Step 2: Unlace the shoe lace.

Step 3: Thread each shoelace down through the bottom holes towards yourself and make sure they are aligned.

Step 4: Take the left or right lace and thread it up through the third the hole from the bottom.

Step 5: Now take the lace and trip down through the hole on the opposite side.

Step 6: Take the remaining lace enter up through the second hole from the bottom and repeat step 5

Step 7:  With the lace used for the third hole through the up through every odd numbered hole and repeat step 5. The same goes for the lace used for the second hole only through up through every even numbered hole.

Final Step: Tie the ends of the shoelaces in a double knot and tuck them under the shoe times. So they don’t come out.

So there you have how to tie laces so that the laces don’t show. If you have any question, just send me a message.

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