How to Dye Shoes: Do It Yourself Methods

How to Dye Shoes

What if the shoe you liked does not come with your favorite color? You might want it to match with your dress or just want it another color. But how do you do it? With few products from the supermarket, you are ready to change it into your favorite color. But before applying any product, you need to know what are the materials of your shoe. The products used in leather shoes, can’t be applied in canvas shoes. Again what a canvas shoe requires won’t suit a fabric shoe. So it’s important for you to know about the footwear product before starting. In this article, you will find out all relevant queries about polishing different color shoes. Here’s the process about how to dye shoes.

Follow the steps carefully to dye shoes 

Fabric Shoes:

  • First, determine the material of your shoe whether it is Synthetic, cotton or silk. If you find the material to be natural fiber like linen, cotton or silk, use natural fiber dye. Use Synthetic dye if your shoe is polyester, nylon or any synthetic material. If your shoe is satin, you need to confirm if it is silk or polyester. These shoes can be made from either polyester or silk.
  • Use iDye Silk Dye if your shoes are made of natural fiber otherwise use any synthetic dye. Without this, you might also need
  Dye (iDye Silk Dye)
  • Next, you need to make the dye. To do so take a pot and fill it with fresh water. Keep it on the stove to boil. Add three-fourth (3/4) of a cup of vinegar. Then add the dye to the mixture. Stir it for about ten minutes. It will help the dye to mix thoroughly. Use enough dye color for your preferred color. If you want dark shade, use less water.
  • Fill in the inside of your shoe with paper towel or tissue. It will prevent the color to get inside the shoe.
  • If you want to decorate your shoe with different colors, cover those areas with masking tape so that unnecessary paint doesn’t go into that part of your shoe.
  • Use a wide and high-quality brush to do the job. Dip the brush into your dye and paint the areas with smooth long strokes.
  • Once you have colored your shoe, give it some time to soak the excess water from the color. After a while, use a second coat of paint to your shoe.
  • When you have finished your painting, let it dry.After drying it might seem bit paler. This is because of the heat your shoe absorbs while drying.
  • When thoroughly dried, spray scotchgard on it to prevent further spotting.

Canvas Shoes

  • Choose the color you want to use in your Canvas.
  • Buy these things from a Craft shop or supermarket:
 Plastic Sheet
 Latex Gloves
 Rubber Cement
 Paint Brush
  • Mix the dye with water. Some of them might need salt. Read user manual to know about the product. Use necessary precautions to avoid any damage to your shoe. Make sure you mix the dye in a container that can also hold the shoe. Mix the dye on a stove if needed.
  • Make sure to cover the soles if you don’t want to spoil them. You can fill up the shoe with paper or tissue to protect the paint from getting inside. You can also use rubber cement to do this. After you finish dyeing, you would be able to remove the rubber cement just with your help.
  • Now use the brush to paint your shoe. You can add small design with your brush. But make sure to apply a second layer of paint after the first coat dries.
  • Some packet indicates that the shoe needs rinsing after its use.
  • Slowly remove rubber cement left in the shoe using latex gloves.
  • Let the shoes dry until the fabric thoroughly soaks the dye. Otherwise, it will drop into the sole.

Leather Shoes

  • Leather shoes have a dull color. You can not change that. Leather dye is not paint. It adds a thin layer of color just to cover the pale shade of leather.
  • Get these things from supermarket
 Shoe Polish
 Nitrile or Latex Gloves
 Leather Dye
 Leather Preparer / Deglaze or Acetone
 Masking Tape
 Container with Lids
 Leather Sheen
  • Clean the Leather shoes and remove all dirt from it.
  • Use tape to cover the areas you don’t want the dye to reach. c
  • Apply de-glazer or Leather prepare with a piece of cloth.
  • Wet the Shoe’s leather using a spray of water.
  • After following the instruction about mixing the dye prepare it under 15-degree celsius of room temperature.
  • Using the brush apply a coat of color over the leather. You can use a sponge for this too. Apply a second layer when the first layer is dried up.
  • Keep the shoe somewhere dry and give it some time to soak the water from the dye. It’ll take few hours to dry completely. Use a leather sheen for a shiny finish to your shoe.

Read the instructions given above and also carefully follow the instruction in the dye packet. Remember to keep your hand and skin away while doing it. Use gloves and necessary precaution for your safety.