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How to Design Your Own Shoes

Have you ever seen a shoe on someone and tried every avenue imaginable to find them but couldn't, or even worse, you did find them but they were sold out? How about having this vision of exactly what you want but can't find a shoe like it that exists? You see similar ones but they're just not right and then you think, I wish I could just make my own shoe? It's happened to all of us and thankfully, there is a solution.

I recently came across a website that does exactly that. They give you the tools to design your own shoes. I know what you're thinking... it has to be expensive.The starting rate is actually not too bad; averaging about $150. The more detailing you go into, of course, the cost goes up, but for those of you who love a simple classic shoe, you won't be breaking bank.

How to Design Your Own Shoes with Shoes of Prey

How to Design Your Own Shoes

Enter: Shoes of Prey. Shoes of Prey is an Australian site that allows you to customize your shoes. You can pick from different styles of shoes like flats, wedges, heels, platform sizes, you name it. Next you choose heel heights and sizes like stiletto, chunky heels, 3 inch heels, 5 inch platform heels, wedges. You can even add accessories like straps, fringe, bows, beading, glitter and sequins. There's a plethora of fabrics to choose from and countless colors. They also give you plenty of leather and suede to choose from. Although the site offers help on building and designing your customized shoe, the options for "extras" (accessories) are a little limiting.

For those that need a little inspiration, you can customize already created collections such as the Janie Bryant '60s' themed collection.

And if you want to have the experience of designing your own shoe in person, check out their new partnership in select Nordstrom Stores. This partnership allows customers to work with a shoe expert to help create the perfect style! You'll get to see and feel the product while you create the design.

I see these being a hit for brides-to-be, bridal parties, and shoe lovers out there just like us!