Good fashion is an all out effort (Your shoes are important too)

Sound body, Fitness, Good Costume and Outfit - all these are important for fashionable lifestyle.

Good fashionable lifestyleGood fashionable lifestyle

Health and fashion are two different words which are interlinked in every aspect. A person who is not good at health would certainly not fascinate the onlookers. Hence, if you are looking for having a sustainable fashionable look, you have to input more efforts then you think. It's not just about good clothes, accessories, and shoes. Your health has an important role play in exaggerating the overall style and personality.

How to look good?

Well, the simple answer to this is having a Lifestyle that dates back to our grandparent`s era. Apart from grooming up your physical appearance, you have to pay some extra attention towards your internal body organs. Collagen and amino acids play a major role in body structure. As we age, the inevitable loss of collagen acquires our body and makes us look old and lethargic. Resultantly, we start looking for those topical products to reinvent our looks.

Instead of brushing the external looks take care of the internal health. Now the question is how to remain healthy? Rather you must ask how to induce collagen? Our body has a variety of collagen present throughout. Our nails, hey, teeth, skin and everybody organ has collagen peptides present. More than anything else, a person must pay attention in the maintenance of collagen so that youthfulness can have longevity. Young looking people do not need to make exaggerated efforts to look fashionable. It just takes a couple of minutes and they are all set to burn the stage.

Inducing collagen needs little efforts. Just a little bit of attention at your younger age group would let you remain healthy for eternity. Pay more attention on protein based food, exercise a bit every day and focus more upon knee exercises that you don't feel that pain when you age.

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How to groom on the external appearance?

After we have discussed about health to look good, the next step is to pay attention upon External appearance.

Few easy tips to manage your appearance -

Pay attention on your clothes -the key factor to look modernized and impressive is to wear good clothes. If you have a good and healthy physique, believe me you are automatically going to look like a star. Choose the trending outfits and wear them decently.

Prep your nails - After you are done with your clothes, the next step is to your nails. If you are a woman, keep a reasonable length, where are you Iron Man we have to look hygienic and healthy with short length. File the edges to prevent any kind of bacteria to seep in. A little bit of nail art would be enough to add an X factor to the look.

Hairstyle -Instead of keeping the hair messy, comb and brush them properly. If needed, hire a hair specialist at the overall quality. Apply gel and mask regularly. Pinning back your hair would make you look immediately better. Applying Conditioner, serum and shampoo combination is the best way to improve the hair quality. This would keep them soft and avoid entangling. Consuming fruits and vegetables can help in the quality maintenance of hair.

The more you expose your hair with improper diet, roughness and entangling would automatically get induced. If you are suffering from dandruff make sure that you invest in a suitable anti-dandruff shampoo.

Eyes and Brows - Nourishment is equivalent to bright Eyes. If you are intake is not good, believe me your eyes will not have that shine and sheen in them. More than any cosmetic product, maintenance of collagen through proper intake of protein matters. For the rest of the look, you can use kohl and suitable eye makeup products to give correct shape and texture to your eyes and brows together.

Good Shoes -The first thing that a person notices in your personality is your footwear. If you are not wearing proper pair of footwear, your overall look shall be a big waste. Invest in a good fitting pair of shoes / sandals. Make sure that they go perfectly with that kind of dress you are wearing.

Last Words

Good health automatically intensifies your beauty. Once you have that healthy pink glow on your face, even the most expensive cosmetics are useless for you. With those bright Shiny eyes, thick hair, shine beard and red cheeks, getting that fashionable look is damn easy. But then, you have to make long term efforts for that. Start taking care of your health from today. Continue the journey for eternity to look fashionable throughout your life.