Do it yourself shoe rack: Best 10 ways

Do it yourself shoe rack

We all love our shoes. But the one thing we can’t stand is the mess they bring with them. Unless you get a place to keep them, you’ll have to bear the messy sight all over your room, and I bet you wouldn’t be happy about it. So, here are ten inexpensive ways to make a place for your shoes which you can customize according to your preferences.

Do it yourself shoe rack

1. Repurpose Wall Moldings:

Do it yourself shoe rack

If you have lots of high heel shoes, then you can hang them on your wall with wall moldings.

You can find wall moldings in decoration store or hardware store. Check your store room, a couple of spare moldings should be there.

Once you bought or collected them, cut them according to your wall.

Hang them on the wall using glue or nail.

Paint them or add patterns as your wish.

Use the long sleek heel to hang them in the wall moldings.

2. Assemble PVC pipe cubbies:

Do it yourself shoe rack

PVC pipes usually go behind the wall. But you can use them to arrange your shoes with simply glue and nails.

Buy PVC pipes that have a diameter more than the height of your shoes.

Cut the tubes according to the length of the shoes.

Add glue on the edges of the pipe.

Insert the first layer side by side. Then add the second layer of pipe over the first layer in the gap between two pipes like placing oranges over other oranges.

Arrange your shoes inside the tubes.

3. Floating Shelves:

Do it yourself shoe rack

If you have a shortage of space, floating shelves can be very efficient for you.

Choose a corner in your house where you want to build your rack.

Take the measurements of the wall.

Cut plywoods according to the size.

Sand them for a perfect finish.

Paint them and let them dry.

Use thick screwdrivers and nails to attach them to the wall.

Now you can keep your shoes over the plywoods.

4. Wire Hangers:

Do it yourself shoe rack

You probably don’t have enough space for a shoe rack in your room, but your shoes must be arranged. In that case, you can use old hangers and wires to make a simple shoe rack.

Insert two screws into your wall. The distance between the screws should be your desired shoe rack’s length.

Connect them with a steady string.

Take old hangers or steel wires. Shape them like reverse “V” or “A.”

Bend the two edges like “V” again. Then you’ll find a shape like the ones you’ll see in the shoe stores.

Put the “A” shaped hangers in the wire hung between the screws on the wall so that the middle point of ‘A’ sticks to the wire.

Hang both of your shoes in two edges of the hanger which was shaped smaller ‘v’

Add multiple hooks in one row. But don’t hang too many hangers at once. The wire would not be able to bear the weight.

5. Use a pegged coat rack:

Do it yourself shoe rack

If you have heavy boots, this rack is for you. You will need a readymade coat rack. If you don’t have one, you can easily build it with plywood and thick wood stick.

After cutting the plywood according to your wall’s size, sand and paint them for better finishing.

Insert the sticks to the plywood with glue. Make sure you use tough super glue; otherwise it won’t be able to hold the shoes.

Remember to take the measurements of the sole. Place the wooden stick side by side with a gap less than the shoe sole.

Use long nails to adjust the wooden hanger you made to the wall.

Place your shoe upside down on two wooden stick so that they can hold the sole of the shoes.

6. Wooden pallet with slits

Do it yourself shoe rack

With ordinary wood and nails, you can make a wooden pallet which has slits to fit your shoes.

Note the height of the middle portion of your shoe.

Make a square frame with woods.

Add other plywood horizontally with a distance similar to the height of your shoe.

Once you are finished, you can put your shoes between the gaps of the pallet.

7. Elastic shoe straps.

Do it yourself shoe rack

Use elastic shoe straps to make colorful DIY shoe rack for your lightweight canvas and loafers.

Place elastic shoe straps in your wall using strong sticky glue.

Before placing other straps beneath, make sure to note down the length of your shoe.

Set a gap between two elastic straps according to the length

Now you can place your shoes between the slit of two rubber strap.

8. Cloth made shoe organizer

Do it yourself shoe rack

Use sturdy fabric to make pockets for your shoes.

Take a long piece of cloth according to the size of the wall you want to place the shoe organizer.

Add as many pockets as you need. Use strong fabric as it can tear apart.

Sew the pockets with nylon or any strong string. Then it’ll be ready to hold the weight of your shoes.

9. Nailed Paint cans.

Do it yourself shoe rack

If you have paint cans that have enough space for your shoes, you can use them to make your customized shoe rack.

Paint the cans or add colorful shapes according to your taste.

Nail them to the wall. If you find difficulty nailing them, you can use drill machine to drill the bottom of these cans.

Place the cans where your want and they are ready to store shoes.

10. Cardboard box or wine box

Do it yourself shoe rack

Using strong and new cardboard or wine box, you can organize your shoe anywhere even under your bed.

If you don’t have empty wine boxes, you can make those boxes with cardboard cuttings.

Make sure you take the boxes that fit your shoes.

Add the boxes horizontally, vertically or even in box shape

Once you are done, you can place the boxes anywhere you want.

Now, you no longer have to mess the whole roam finding the other shoe of the pair. You know where to look for them. Please leave a comment or let us know what do you want to know.