Comfortable Wedding Shoes for Bride With Special Tips

comfortable wedding shoes for bride

The wedding day has a significance in every couple’s life, especially for a bride. The first day with your husband should be the day to be remembered for your unadulterated joy and pleasure. That’s the day you won’t want to spoil for any of your discomforts. As important as the attire is for you on this auspicious day, your comfort is more important for you to keep a warm smile on your face all day long. Your uncomfortable shoe can be a reason to ruin the smile on your face. So why comfortable wedding shoes for bride is so important. Wearing shoes that do not fit, can give you severe hip and back pain while wearing it for a long time. To avoid this kind of circumstances, you should measure the comfort-ability of your footwear.

The first thing you would like to consider before choosing your footwear is its measurement. Wedding shoes which are tight on the edges, often allow its wearer to feel suffocated. Also, the straps are crucial for your comfort. You should know what kind of straps makes you more comfortable. Besides these, there are other factors too. So, to help you with your wedding shoe preferences, we are sharing the major factors that can make wedding shoes comfortable and flexible to use.

Tips that can make wedding shoes comfortable

1. Give it few trials before the wedding:

If you are wondering that you should keep your shoe in the box until the day comes, it might be an awful idea. Sometimes you don’t know that your footwear is uncomfortable during your trial. This is because you spend much less time wearing your shoe for trial. It takes some time to figure out if the shoes perfect or not. So, if you bought it and stored it for wedding day use only, It might be a wrong idea. Get your shoe out of the box. Wear it for about 30 minutes before a week ago in of your wedding. While your trial, you can wear a pair of thick socks to expand the area of your shoe. It will save you from any unwanted awkwardness.

2. Use deodorant to avoid roughness:

If you find your shoe straps as your biggest problem, consider using deodorant. Sometimes straps that rub your feet can be the main reason for your discomfort. You can avoid this by moistening your skin irritated by your shoe with a deodorant. Deodorant works as lubricants. It works how oils buffer the interaction between the parts of machinery. Like oil to the machine, deodorant provides a cushion between the feet and the footwear.

3. Use a pair of soft inserts:

A pair of cushioned and padded inserts will be a great investment for your wedding shoe. Remember to choose inserts which can provide support to the arch and toe.

4. Use Soft but Strong Material:

If you are getting your shoe done by a cobbler, don’t forget to tell him to use soft material or fabric for the shoe. But they need to be strong as well.

5. Wider Strap:

If you prefer straps, tell him to make it wider. A wider strap will cover more area. Thus the weight of the shoe will be distributed on the larger surface of your feet rather than sticking in a small area and squeeze your feet.

6. Choose Larger heels:

Select a heel that has a wider surface. The wider your heel, the lesser your chance to trip and fall. Before buying your shoe make sure there is adequate room for toe and the heel. Don’t take one that has a larger area than you need. You might find it difficult to walk.

7. Don’t Underestimate Flexibility:

Though everyone wants their footwear to appear the best in any occasion, no one should compromise the flexibility for comfort. No matter what fabric you use or what heels and straps you prefer, everything will go wrong if it is not flexible enough for you.

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To help you more, we are suggesting some products that suit all conditions above.

Best Comfortable wedding shoes for bride

1. Getmorebeauty Women's Mary Jane Flats Pearls Across The Top Beach Wedding Shoes

make wedding shoes comfortable

This wedding shoes will cover your heel and toes perfectly to allow you firm steps to walk. No fear of tripping or falling. It is made of Nylon for better comfort and flexibility. The design made with pearl will add an extra glow in your shoe.

2. Elegantpark EP2045 Women's Peep Toe Low Heel Knot Bridal Wedding Shoes

make wedding shoes comfortable

This is an elegant shoe perfect for those who want their attire to be plain and straightforward. It has padding inside for better comfort. You won’t feel any roughness wearing it. It has a slight heel that can add couple inches extra to your height. One of the perfect wedding shoes for perfect comfort.

3. V-Luxury Women's 32-ANGEL37 Open Toe Med Heel Wedding Sandal Shoes

make wedding shoes comfortable

Made for straps lover. Sparkling diamond-like shine attracts anyone. It has a rubber sole to avoid slipping. The best thing about this shoe is it has a wide space for toe. Made with man-made leather. The base is soft and flexible to use.

These are just some sample of good shoes according to our perspective. You may want different variations for your wedding day. But do not compromise those factors above. If you find any shoe having all the qualities in them, feel free to go with it.