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Best Cole Haan Shoes Review: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Cole Haan Shoes Review

Cole Haan Shoes are known for their versatile designs and unique materials. They manufacture shoes for every occasion and situation. Choosing shoes for a particular situation is crucial. You can’t wear sneakers in your office, and also you can’t wear loafers in expeditions. We brought Cole Haan Shoes Review to help you find out the best Cole Haan shoe based on your need.

Cole Haan was formerly a part of Nike shoes.

We have also provided which shoes are suitable for which situation. This little detail will make your decision easier. In the end, we elaborated the facts you need to consider before buying.

Top 10 Cole Haan Shoes Review List


Model Name



Cole Haan Shoe Reviews

Cole Haan Women's Loafer

Cole Haan Shoe Reviews

Cole Haan Women's Zerogrand Wing-Tip Oxford

Cole Haan Shoe Reviews

Cole Haan Women's Tali Bow Shoe

Cole Haan Shoe Reviews

Cole Haan Women's Elion Boot

Cole Haan Shoe Reviews

Cole Haan Women's Juliana 75 Dress Pump

Cole Haan Shoe Reviews

Cole Haan Grandpro Tennis Fashion Sneaker

Cole Haan Shoe Reviews

Cole Haan Men's Dalton 2 Gore Slip-On Loafer

Cole Haan Shoe Reviews

Cole Haan Grant Canoe Camp Slip-On Loafer

Cole Haan Shoe Reviews

Cole Haan Men's Lenox Hill Cap Oxford

Cole Haan Shoe Reviews

Cole Haan Men's Lenox Hill Chelsea Boot

Cole Haan Women's Shoes

1. Cole Haan Women's Loafer - (Best Driving Shoe For Ladies)

There’s a good reason to pick this loafer in the first place on our women shoe list. This driving shoe is well-known for its fantastic grip. The rubber made driving heel has a good grip on the surface which makes it unique compared to other shoes in this list. It's also good for walking on the rough and slippery surface.

Highlighted Features:

 This Moccasin-toe loafer has slotted and laced collar including a decorative bow.

 It has a padded footbed for providing comfort to your toes.

Padded Footbed: Footbed is an insole in a boot or shoe, used for cushioning or providing a better fit. A padded footbed provides an extra layer of comfort to your feet.

  Sole has spiky treads for a tight grip. Besides, the rubber sole prevents you from slipping.

  Sole has spiky treads for a tight grip. Besides, the rubber sole prevents you from slipping.

  Dazzling shine makes it different from all other shoes.

  Well gripped driving heel for a better experience.

  Sockliner is padded and well designed to suit any feet.



  Comfortable Grand OS Technology

  Grippy Driving Heel

  Slotted and Laced Collar

  Spiky Treads for good grip

  Padded footbed and sock liner

  Lack of arch support

  Narrow toe area

Final Note:

Suitable a for narrow foot, So you may feel discomfort if you have wide feet.

2. Cole Haan Women's Zerogrand Wing-Tip Oxford – (Traditional Ladies Oxford)

Wing-Tip Oxfords are classic and preferred amongst ladies. That’s why it is our second choice. This leather made oxford shoe has different eyelet-lacing. Simple design and 35 different colors and sizes made this pair as a choice able one for any occasion. It is a perfect combination of beauty and comfort.

Highlighted Features:

  Reasonable and affordable price compared to other shoes with same features design.

  Wing- Tip Oxford featuring blind eyelet-lacing, brogue perforations, and pinking.

  Grand OS technology cushioning.

  EVA midsole protects you from any electrical hazard and shock.

Eva Midsole: EVA stands for Ethylene-vinyl acetate, a polymer having excellent stress and impact resistance properties.The mid-sole of a shoe does not refer to a position in the middle of the shoe rather it’s the material between the outsole and upper.

  Comparatively Cheap in price.



  Blind eyelet-lacing & brogue perforations

  Grand OS technology cushion

  Air holes for breathability

  Well crafted treads

  Padded footbed and sock liner

  Affordable and Reasonable

  No padding inside

  Toe area is much narrow

Final Note:

Rough usage can reduce the lifetime of these shoes. So, it is wise to use them in office and events rather than wearing for hiking, jogging, or other related tasks.

3. Cole Haan Women's Tali Bow Shoe – (Best Ballet Flat Shoe For Corporate Women)

Cole Haan Shoes Review

The 3rd shoe in our list has a logo carved bow shaped design and dyed calf on the upper. The bow adorns the top and makes it unique ballet flat shoe. Best for corporate women and suitable for both parties and formal meetings.

Highlighted Features:

 Dyed Calf Leather.

 Leather sock lining padded correctly to reduce stress and to increase comfort.

 Ultralight weight PU midsole.

PU Midsole: Polyurethane foam soles are known for their excellent mechanical long-term properties. They last longer than EVA soles. PU midsoles are durable and aging resistant.

 Round-toe ballet flat featuring elasticized opening with eye-catching engraved upper.

 100% genuine leather from Myanmar.



  Lightweight midsole

  Soft upper

  Leather sock lining is well padded

  Versatile design with the highest comfortability

  No solid treads beneath

  No padding inside the shoe

  Rounded toe is not enough for toe

Final Note:

Only suitable for party, events, and short-term uses.

4. Cole Haan Women's Elion Boot – (Best Camping Shoes For Ladies)

Cole Haan Shoes Review

Can’t find the perfect boots for a camping experience in summer? This pair is the game changer. Suitable for any outdoor activities and lasts long in extreme situations.

Highlighted Features:

 Long lasting and made for heavy duty.

 It can survive the harsh situation and wet weather.

 Rear Zip entry for easy put on. No need to waste any time on laces

Rear zip: Rear zip allows the wearer to put on the shoes very quickly which is very efficient and time-saving. It also gives you extra fitting to your feet.

 Low Rise block heel.

 The thick footbed is cushioned and well-padded to prevent heel and hip pain during long hour walking or standing.

 Upper crafted with smooth leather and rich suede.

What you will Like

What you may not Like

  • Cushioned footbed
  • Low rise block heel
  • Easy to put on
  • Sole and upper is attached perfectly
  • Suitable for outdoor activities
  • Not waterproof
  • Insulation unavailable

Final Note:

Take Special care of the zippers. It’s difficult to replace if they get damaged

5. Cole Haan Women's Juliana 75 Dress Pump – (Party Shoes For Woman)

Cole Haan Shoes Review

If you are searching for a shoe that goes with your party attire, here it is. Plain leather texture with a shiny gloss on the upper makes it suitable for parties, celebrations & events which placed itself in the fifth position on the list.

Highlighted Features:

  Though it has no built-in arch supportive inserts, you can always add them according to your need.

 Very affordable and reasonable price compared to related shoes.

 Made of dyed Calf fur.

 Pointed toe dress pump with a glossy shine.

Pointed toe: helps to walk comfortably on long heel shoes. It reduces the stress in phalanges caused by walking in a heel.

 Smooth and beautiful leather texture makes it attractive and eye catching.



  Made of Calf fur.

  Inserts can be added separately

  Smooth and plain texture

  Glossy shine

  Very affordable

  Causes blisters

  Thin, slippery soles

  High heel might be uncomfortable for walking

  No padding inside

Final Note:

Be careful while walking in wet and slippery places. The sole is not suitable for slippery places.

Cole Haan Men's Shoes

6. Cole Haan Grandpro Tennis Fashion Sneaker – (Good Sports Shoe For Men)

Cole Haan Shoes Review

This pair of sneakers is a perfect candidate for your tennis court or any sports ground companion. The ultra light sole allows it to stay on the top of Men’s shoe list. The EVA outsole helps to move throughout the court quickly.

Highlighted Features:

 EVA outsole for ample comfort to your feet

 Textile-covered footbed for breathability.

 Tongue and inner is well padded

 Rubber pods in the sole and forefoot for better traction

Rubber Pods: Rubber pods reserve air in them. This air allows athletes to jump and move more efficiently. The air inside the pods increases the thrust.

 Extreme lightweight compared to other court shoes which make it more flexible.

 Cushioned padding inside for better comfort.

For being a cloth shoe, it’s needed to keep it dry unless you intend to wash it.




  Breathable textile covered footbed

  Tongue cushioned for avoiding roughness

  Rubber pods for traction

  Complete cushioned inner

  Soles has bad grip on the floor

  Regular laces made of nylon slips sometimes

Final Note:

Don’t wet your shoes unless you intend to wash it. Cloth shoes are best kept dry.

7. Cole Haan Men's Loafer – (Best Corporate Shoes For Men)

Cole Haan Shoes Review

On the 2nd place, these Slip-on Loafers are for that gentleman who is always busy in a meeting or any casual events. He had to wear his shoes for a long time in different official places. That’s why this pair is suitable for those busy corporate gentlemen. Perfect comfort meets with simplicity.

Slip-ons: Slip-ons are typically low, lace-less shoes. This style is most commonly known as a loafer or slippers in American culture, having a moccasin construction.

Highlighted Features:

 Leather lining including padded insole provides ample comfort with the highest durability.

 Rubber sole creates a good grip to the floor.

 Dual elastic goring provides agility in putting it on and removing.

Elastic Goring: It’s an extra elastic piece of rubber or cloth material placed between the tongue and Sockliner which gives the shoe more flexibility in putting it on & off.



  Rolled Moccasin toe

  Dual elastic goring

  Leather lining with padded insole

  Durable and flexible

  Needs area-extender inserts to increase the toe area

  Slightly uncomfortable in warm weather

  Seam finishing is not perfect

Final Note:

While wearing for a long time in warm and humid weather, you may find slight discomfort.

8. Cole Haan Grant Canoe Camp Slip-On Loafer – (Fancy Party Shoes For Men)

Cole Haan Shoes Review

This shoe is made for small appearances in a party or event. The unique collar, lacing, and stylish design is its specialty. That’s why we kept it on our list of best Cole Haan men’s shoes. Pick it if you are willing to impress by its fantastic design as well as the overall look.

Highlighted Features:

  Eye catching classic driving moc silhouette.

  Unique Rawhide lacing. Bow type lacing makes your shoes different from other loafers.

Rawhide Lace offers superior strength for your special lacing test. Soak in water for 20 to 30 minutes or until becomes pliable. The lace will shrink back to its original size as it dries.

  The collars are slotted so that it doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

  Spiky soles will resist friction to help you walk effortlessly.

  Available in eye-tempting various designs and patterns.



  Slotted collar

  Rawhide lacing

  Driver’s Heel

  Grippy sole made of rubber

  Classic driving moc silhouette

 Spiky sole

  Spiky sole

  Heavy usage might cause the sole to peel away

  Mud & small gravels stuck in the sole

Final Note:

Ample space for toe, you won’t find any discomfort while wearing.

9. Cole Haan Men's Lenox Hill Cap Oxford – (Classic Oxford For Professional Men)

Cole Haan Shoes Review

In our 4th position, this classic lace-up oxford shoe has always been the first choice for students and professional personnel. Most of the people love the standard black color and traditional design. Whether it’s a graduation ceremony, official meeting, party or casual off hour, it is the standard mark for shoes

Highlighted Features:

 It is the traditional standard for straightforward and simple design.

 The heel is stacked and replaceable.

 The upper is entirely attached to the sole. No worries of peeling the bottom away.

 Where all the shoes have the problem of being too narrow, it is the opposite. Plenty of space for your toes to breath.



  Stacked heel

  Tonal stitching

  Perfectly attached thick rubber soles

  Classic standard of straightforwardness

  Enough space for toe

  Lack of padding may cause uncomfortable situation

  Traditional lacing that slips easily

Final Note:

Regular polishing can extend your Oxford shoe's lifetime.

10. Cole Haan Men's Lenox Hill Chelsea Boot – (Tough Boot For Camping)

Cole Haan Shoes Review

If you are fond of boots, then its design and ugly leather texture might impress you. Though it’s at the bottom of the list, that doesn’t mean it is less in any manner compared to other men shoes in this review. The genuine leather upper and high heels make it a perfect companion for your safari experience.

Highlighted Features:

 No laces. Comparatively easy to put on and remove for straps.

 Rear pulls straps for easy on and off

Rear Pull Straps are very effective for saving time. These straps can also adjust the fitting of your shoe. If you are facing a problem with your loose shoe, pull on the straps tightly, and you are done.

 High wood grain heel for safe walking in extreme places

 Deep goring insets are also new in these boots

 No need to worry about the soles. They are both attached with glue and also stitched to the upper.

 It is rare to find a sole made from two different types of rubber for two separate purposes. The treads made of unique rubber material to increase friction with the ground.



  Wood grain heel

  Rear pull on strap

  Sleek design and texture

  Deep goring insets

  Easy to put on and remove

  Rubber soles provide better grip

  Sleek design and texture

  Hard leather

  Narrow space for toe

  Constant rubbing can cause blisters

  Lack of cushion

Final Note:

Wearing these boots without socks may cause blisters and skin rash.

Common Types of Women’s / Men’s Shoe

  • Ballet Shoes: Ballet shoes are made of canvas, soft leather, or satin, and they have thin, flexible soles. These are lightweight shoes designed specifically for ballet dancing.
  • Clog Shoes: Clogs are made of wood, partially or entirely. Their form varies from culture to culture, but the basic structure remains same.
  • Derby Shoes: Derby is a style of shoe which is sewn on top of the vamp. This type of construction is also known as "open lacing."
  • Dress Shoes: These shoes contrast an athletic shoe. They are typically worn in parties and events.
  • High-Heeled Shoes: High heel shoes raise the heel of the wearer’s foot compared to the toes. They provide the aesthetic illusion of more slender and longer legs.
  • Moccasin Shoes: Deerskin is the primary material to make the upper of this shoe. The soles are made from unhampered leather. Moccasin shoes are for exploring the wilderness. Sometimes they are used in home and office too.
  • Monk Shoes: Monk style shoe does not have any laces. They have buckles or strap for the sake of simplicity and time-saving. These are considered to be the most advanced dress shoe.
  • Oxford Shoes: They are characterized by their shoelace eyelet tabs which stand below the vamp. Oxfords shoes are suitable for formal meetings, office, college and other casual occasions.
  • Sneakers: These are for any types of sports and physical exercise. They are quite flexible as the sole is often made of rubber or synthetic material and the upper from leather or cloth.
  • Slip-on Shoes: Slip-ons are usually low and lace-less footwear. They are also known as loafers. Though all slip-ons are not loafers, the familiar face of slip-on is a loafer. It started as casual shoes, but nowadays it’s used in parties too.

How to Avoid Common Shoe-Buying Mistakes

Excitement and rush can make you take a wrong decision, especially while shopping. Here we have listed few common mistakes that we often do while buying shoes. We have also explained how to avoid those mistakes to help you staying out of them from next time
  • Not considering the width of your feet: Where everyone searches for the appropriate shoe length in the store, very few bothers the width especially when buying from online stores. You can’t try them that’s why there is no way to know whether it’ll fit you or not. To avoid this discomfort, know the width of your feet and order the right size.
  • Removing socks: When you go to buy a shoe in stores, you may be wearing your regular sneakers or boots with socks. But when you trial the shoes you are about to purchase, make sure to remove the socks because you may not wear socks with that pair. Especially, when you are buying dress shoe, party shoe, high-heeled shoe, don’t wear the socks during the trial. Unless you are buying boots, oxfords, loafers, etc. you shouldn’t go to the store wearing socks.
  • Try them on different situations: Once you put them on, you may think it fits you. But you can’t be certain unless you walk in them properly. Climb the staircase if the store has one. Otherwise, walk few times to make sure you won’t feel any discomfort after wearing them for a long time.
  • Consider the purpose you are buying for: People often buy shoes and regret later mostly because that pair may not fulfill their purpose. Casual shoes, party shoes and athletic shoes, all of them are different. One cannot serve on others occasion. You can’t wear Oxford in sports. Similarly, you can’t wear Sneaker in a meeting. So, think about the possibilities and purpose to buy your shoes. It will help you make a right decision. And of course, it’ll save you from your regrets afterward.

Things you need to consider while buying Cole Haan Shoes:

  • The first thing you should remember while choosing is its purpose: For what purpose do you need to buy a particular pair of shoes? A canvas pair can’t help you cross a snowy mountain. Likewise, a pair of boot can’t be a good pick for your morning exercise. So before buying, think twice about the reason you want to buy a new pair. Here we reviewed different types of shoes which are fitting for various workplaces and situations. Consider all the possible situations you might face while working and then pick the most suitable pair based on your situation.
  • Don’t overlook the looks and design: If you are purchasing a pair for a formal meeting and casual events, you should pick up plain loafers or oxfords. But there are variations in these shoes. Which one should you pick up? For a formal presentation or meeting, people most likely to choose that are straightforward and plain. But in a professional party or event, a well-designed loafer can do the work. Like these, consider the looks you want to present with your shoe and pick the attractive one of your choice. Don’t rush. Take your time and see our separate reviews of each product.
  • Consider the comfort and flexibility: After picking the design, check if it is comfortable enough for you. Comfort-ability and flexibility are different for various situation. A pair of sneaker may be more comfortable than a traditional cushioned oxford. But sneakers can’t be a replacement for oxfords and loafers. Your sneakers are more comfortable than formal shoes, but you will have to pick between oxfords and loafers for office. So compare the comfort among same types of shoe.

Final Verdict

Our professional team also considered the opinions of the Amazon customers who used these shoes for a long time so that this review will provide the most relevant information regarding the products you need. We are sure that this cole haan shoes review helped you to decide what shoes do you need. So, don’t hesitate to choose the most suitable pair from our list to get the perfect fit.

The research of our specialized professionals for 200 hours will be fruitful if you get your desired shoe. You can give any suggestion to make our review more informative and user-friendly. Please leave a comment.