How to clean timberland boots, best proven ways shared!

How to clean timberland boot

How to clean Timberland Boots, is a burning question who own a pair unless he knows the way.

Going for camping? What’s the one thing that you can never forget to bring along? Yes, it’s a pair of Timberland boots.

Be it in the camping, hiking or rocky mountain climbing, Timberland boots give you a solid grip on the ground and protect you from insects and reptile’s bite as well as dirt. Though the construction workers initially used it as work boots, but nowadays it has become a fashion trend among teens and adults. Without its bold and heavy look, it has some significant benefits on the field. So, for long-term use, the boots should be cleaned regularly.

When you own a pair of nice Timberland Boots or say a good pair of work boots, you must have to know proper ways to clean the pair. Here we compiled the ways of cleaningTimberland Boots and give a complete new look. Follow these simple instructions to do it by yourself -

Things you require to clean Timberland Boots:

  • A soft-bristle brush
  • A sharp knife or stick
  • An old piece of cloth or paper towel
  • Bathing Soap
  • Dishwashing Soap
  • Baby Wipes
  • Toothbrush
  • Warm water
  • Leather Cleaning Agent / Foam Cleaner

Steps to clean Timberland Boots:

Follow this step by step guide to clean your timberland boots or similar boots of other brands.

1. Dust off - loose dirt & debris:

how to clean Timberland

Remove the loose dirt from the Timberland boot with a brush or paper wipe. We would recommend using a brush rather than a paper wipe or towel to clean Timberland Boots. Reasons behind this is brushes can reach nook and crannies quickly. Be careful while brushing. The hard brush can damage the leather. After dusting off the upper, look at the bottom of the sole to remove loose dirt and gravel.

Timberland boots usually have very deep holes in the sole for a better grip to the ground. Use a sharp knife or stick to scratch the sole. These soles can easily pick up dirt particles. If you find mud at the bottom, wash it with water and wipe with a paper towel or an old piece of cloth.

2. Take out the shoelaces:

clean timberland boots

Then Remove laces from the shoes. You can wash the laces separately. Use warm water and soap. Take some hot water in a bowl and add bathing soap or bathing gel. Rub the laces until the dirt is completely gone from the laces. After scrubbing keep them in hot water for some time. You can wash them in the washing machine also but don’t wash with other clothes if they are filthy. Dry them after washing.

3. Clean both sole:

clean timberland boots

Timberland boots have a rubber sole. You can easily wash off the extra dirt from the rubber sole with a used toothbrush. Add detergent or dishwashing soap in warm water and apply it with the brush to clean the sole. It is better to use toothbrush than shoe brush as it can reach the deep space into the treads of the soles. Scrub until you see the treads of the soles.

After scraping out the sole, rinse it with warm water. Do not use too hot water as It may damage the soles. Dry them in air after cleaning.

i. Wipe the outside of your boot:

clean timberland boots

Using few baby wipes or wet wipes, Rub the outside of your boots including the fabric layer line around the boot. Keep rubbing until the entire surface of the shoe gets clean. If you cannot arrange baby wipes, use pieces of cloth dipped in warm water.

ii.  The perfect cleaning agent for your boot:

To choose a cleaning agent, find out which type of fabric material used in your shoes. You may find it in the packet. But if you don’t find, look at the product description of your shoe on Amazon. Don’t use any cleaning agent unless you are sure about the fabric.

It comes in both leather and suede style which includes Wheat & Nubuck. For Leather and Wheat leather, remember to buy a leather cleaning agent according to the color of your leather. For Nubuck and Suede, you need a special foam cleaner.

Nubuck and Suede Boots

clean timberland boots
  • Use the foam cleaner for nubuck or suede boots. Timberland has their custom made foam cleaner. You can find it in any drugstore or supermarket. If you do not have foam cleanser, you can use a cotton swab dipped in dish-washing detergent.

Leather Boots

clean timberland boots
  • Use leather cleaner for leather or wheat leather boots. It usually comes in gel or cream form. Timberland has their leather cleaner as Timberland Boot Sauce. You can buy it or any other relevant leather cleaner if you want.

iv. Clean tough stains:

If you find stains left in your shoe, use baking soda to remove it. Just dip a cloth in water and then in baking soda. Scrub over the stain carefully. Make sure to use a fresh and clean cloth.

v. Let it Dry:

Once you have finished to clean your Timberland boots, let them dry in natural weather. Don’t dry it using a dryer because It won’t work. Putting them into dryer can compromise the smoothness of the leather if it’s thin.

Don’t keep the boots near a fireplace or gas oven. Fire might melt down the glue that’s holding the sole to the leather.

vi. Get rid of the scuff marks:

Wipe out the scuff mark slowly with a pencil eraser until the mark is gone.

Bottom Lines

You probably had all your questions answered regarding the cleaning methods of Timberland boots.

These boots are made for harsh outdoor situations. After every outdoor activity, you would return with dirt in your shoes. Ignoring proper cleanup will reduce your boot’s lifetime. So, don’t forget to follow the steps and guidelines given above to prolong your boots lifetime.