What You Need to Know When Choosing Steel Toe Work Boots


Before you go and choose your steel toe work boots, do you even know what is it designed for? Believe it or not, almost 25% of the reported disabilities in workplaces are linked to foot injuries. Thus, special safety shoes are introduced in the market where steel toe boots are included. Aside from the fact that it is specially designed to give you protection, it can help you perform better.

Moreover, these special shoes can reduce the number of foot injuries because they are made for the right kind of job.

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What Exactlyare Steel Toe Boots?

Steel toe boots are also known as steel capped safety boots because has a built-in safety toe cap. A safety toe cap is an additional protective support inserted over the toe of the boots. It serves as a protection to your feet against falling objects and compression. If you’re lucky, you could also find a safety toe cap with a midsole plate which is added to protect your feet from getting instant holes or punctures.

Materials, Label and Style

If you are still wondering for the exact materials used to manufacture steel toe boots, here you go. It is made from high-quality steel which is perfect for heavy-duty works and of course, in the construction industry. Most high-quality steel toe boots in the market carry a label that indicates the national or international standards they meet. The label also indicates the added protection that the shoes offer.

This means that the label includes the important factors why you should buy it like resisting heavy impacts, electric shocks, chemicals, and puncture of sharp objects. But, the good thing about steel toe boots is that it’s available in many styles. It doesn’t matter if you only wear clogs and sneakers because these heavy-duty shoes are also available in these sneakers and clog versions! Sounds cool right?

But if you want to settle for more formal styles, there are lots of styles that you can also choose from especially if you are a professional that needs to follow strict rules.

Tips for Getting the Right Steel Toe Boots

1. Excellent Support

First things first, you need a pair of steel toe boots that can support you to any uneven or arch surfaces aside from what the safety toe cap can provide. You need extra support for your heels and ankles especially if you are working on construction sites where most heavy works are.

2. Shoe Size

When choosing the right shoes, be sure that you know your exact size. Too big sizes can give you blisters while moving around while too small sizes can distract you from your work. Either of the two, you will mostly end up in pain or preoccupied the whole time you are wearing it. Before you pick the bigger sizes when you think you can’t feel your toes, check the width first. If you can get the same size with a different width where your toes fit, go for it.

3. Overall Weight

Since steel toe boots are made from steel, it is safe to say that it weighs more than your regular running shoes. However, take note that you will be wearing it for long hours during your work so its weigh can also make or break your performance. Each time you lift your boots to move around, you need your knees and ankles to work together. Thus, getting too heavy boots will certainly affect both as you exert too much energy on lifting your boots.

Save your energy for more important things instead of wasting it on lifting your impossible heavy boots for long hours.

4. Sturdy and Reliable

We all want a quality product but some of us are also a sucker for discounts. When you are shopping for steel toe boots with discounted prices, never forget to check its quality. If the price is right, never put down sturdy and reliable shoes just because you saw a cheaper one without even checking its quality first.

The more time you need to wear it for work, the more you need to pick a reliable pair that can keep up with your work. Thus, you might want to get a thicker sole that typically lasts longer.


Whatever is your taste and preference when choosing footwear, remember that it is important that you are comfortable with it. Given that the primary aim of steel toe boots is to protect your feet, don’t forget that comfort matters a lot too. Once you’re comfortable with your chosen pair, you’ll be able to perform better being distracted by it.

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