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How to choose the best yoga shoes

Choose the Best Yoga Shoes

Yoga? Barefoot of course! (OM)G, think better! Has it crossed your mind that the gym mats at the fancy gym you go for your yoga sessions are not washed as often as you might think they are? Shoes are a must while you do your yoga exercises. Not only to protect your feet from catching various infections from gym mats and floors but for many have more reasoned to be analyzed in the following paragraphs.

Of course, the variety of shoes that could be considered appropriate for yogis is really big, and the final choice you will make depends on different factors that you might need to take into account.

So, there we go! Having discussed factor one, which is pretty much tackled by the moment you have decided that shoes will be covering your feet during your yoga routine, that being the health of your feet and their protection against germs and fungi, let us come to the other ones that will play a central role in your choice of the right yoga shoes.

What yoga experts would immediately suggest, is that any shoe worn while doing your yoga routines should give the feeling of simply a second layer of skin. In other words, yoga shoes should make your feet feel as comfortable as possible.

The whole idea behind yoga is the relaxing of the body, of course of the mind, too, so what good would it be to be wearing shoes that instead give you a sensation of foot-asphyxiation or lack of flexibility? Yoga shoes should be made from light, breathable fabrics or materials, letting your skin pores on your feet perspire. Doing your window-shopping, either out at the real shops or on the internet, you will immediately realize that most yoga shoes that are being sold, almost necessarily, satisfy this primary condition.

Following foot health and comfort comes the more general protection of your feet. Although yoga is often done inside, at home, more and more people start taking their routines out in the open, either at the park or the beach.

So, now we are dealing with harsher environments. Without compensating any of the comforts we mentioned earlier when doing outdoor yoga exercises you really want to equip your feet with shoes that are going to protect you from certain injuries. On the sandy beach, or on the park’s grass, you need better support and a better grip. This improved grip will secure your moves and your balance. In such environments, your balance is in danger to be lost far more easily, whereupon one can fall or even suffer an ankle sprain.

Therefore, your yoga shoes in such cases should be selected in such a way that they provide increased coverage of your feet’s skin and that they wrap up your extremities in a more efficient way, keeping away small stones, little twigs, branches, etc. from entering and injuring you. You will find that there are yoga shoes out there that look very similar to the ones swimmers wear when they do not want to hurt their feet when inside the water.

These have reinforced soles, with an extra-relieved outer layer. The same type of yoga shoes could be used in the cases you want to combine yoga with some other type of training during the same session. Remember also that, usually, yoga shoes of this type are made of such materials that even if you wet your feet in the water, they should dry up very fast. If you are not sure, for more in-depth information read this article about yoga shoes from Shoes Yoke.

Once we have covered almost all basic areas, such as comfort, ergonomic functionality, health, and safety, you might be wondering: Could I possibly wear them in other occasions, too? Of course, you can. With the variety of the designs, shapes, and colors out there, it would be very easy to find yoga shoes that you could very well wear at your work, too. These remind me of appearance the light gym shoes. For example, there are yoga shoes with extra protection for the toes that could be worn practically anywhere.

If you haven’t done your market research yet, soon you will realize that the variety of designs, colors and, of course, prices, is really impressive. Before, doing my own investigation on yoga shoes, I wouldn’t believe it if I was told that there are so many different types and qualities to choose from. Anyway, whether you opt for more sturdy yoga shoes that you can wear for a walk, too or a pair of more fancy looking, with more design, their price is yet another factor to take into consideration. And believe me, some yoga shoes are very, very expensive.