Best Steel Toe Work Boots for 2018! Comprehensive Report!

Safety and security is one of the prime concern in any modern work environment. Therefore best steel toe work boots are essential element of the dress code. Work boots are always considered as important Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

We all know that construction sites, yard tasks, farm works, industrial works and, by and large any difficult works require very active physical activities.  Moreover these heavy tasks are always accident prone. Your feet and legs can easily be wounded or can hurt badly. You need safety gears as precaution, you need safety toe work shoes- as safety should be first priority.

Actually no one will disagree me that specialized work boots are highly required to keep safety at workplace. So why don't we pick best steel toe work boots ( or what others may refer as best safety toe work boots)? However finding out the best steel toe shoes isn't that easy unless you briefly know it's features.

Basically you have to take many things in consideration to pick out best steel toe work boots. Unless you're aware of the features of the best safety shoes you may end up buying an ordinary pair. In the next section we will describe you essential features of best steel toe work shoes so that you can select the best pair for you.

Here we are presenting you best comfortable steel toe work boots that are 10 most praised Please make sure you select the best pair that cater your requirements and fits your personality type.

Steel Toe Work Boots for Men

Many sellers are selling Steel Toe Shoes for Men out there in shoe shops or online stores. Many brands and numerous models are available to make you confused. We're presenting here 5 models if Safety Toe Shoes for Men that are comfortable as well as of finest quality.

1. Caterpillars Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boots

Best Steel Toe Boots-Caterpillars Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boots

The principal thing that you'll see about caterpillar second shift work boots is the nature of the calfskin. The expert craftsmanship is easily evident and you get the feeling that they're made to last.

Once the break-in period is finished, I likewise observed them be amazingly agreeable. This can frequently be an issue with steel toe boots, however, the toe in this combine is quite detectable. The sole additionally seems to have been outlined on account of ergonomics.

As far as style, they likewise score exceedingly. In case you're searching for something that you can wear after work, they're right on the money. I particularly enjoyed the way that they arrive in an extensive variety of various hues.

Two things that I don't care for about these boots, however, are their break-in period and their penchant for getting wet.

The initial two weeks of wear are awkward most definitely and this is something that has been reverberated in different client audits. These boots are likewise not waterproof and appear to get wet with simply the smallest piece of rain.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

  Comes with a quality of leather


  Ergonomic design

  Stylish look

  Different color varieties

  The Break-in Period

  Not Waterproof

2. Timberland PRO Men's 6" Pit Boss Steel Toe

Viewed as a standout amongst other work boots all-around, the Timberland Pro Men's Pit Boss is looked as high caliber with a lot of highlights.

I'm truly infatuated with the solidness of these boots. They utilize intense cowhide as the primary material which makes them tough, exactly how I like it. The general development quality and innovation have famously exclusive expectations. Which is the reason is suggested for escalated occupations.

While they are waterproof, they can keep you dry in your mine work. Not only that, but they are also the best steel work tool for men which are lasted for a long time.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

  Slip and oil protection

  Electrical Hazard Protection


  Additional Sole Traction for Stability

  Steel Toes for insurance against punctures

  Variation in color

  Offers additional room

  Low quality of waterproofing

  Quite an uncomfortable sole may cause pain to people having flat feet

3. Skechers for Work Men's 77009 Workshire Relaxed Fit Work Steel Toe Boot

Sketchers Men’s boots are intended to make life less demanding for those men who work. This is decisively a shoe of that specialty. The cost is exceptionally standard, and the elastic sole alongside the cowhide body will get your consideration. There is a foot sole area in this model which is measured 1.5inch which ought to be adequate. The stage is likewise of a decent size and a great many people like the casual idea of this shoe. The shoe is likewise made in a way with the goal that you don't get influenced by electrical wiring issues.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like


  Reasonable price

  Elastic sole

  Leather body

  Slip Resistant traction outsole

  Electrical Hazard (EH) Safe design

  Not a great looking shoe pair

  Sizing is a bit uncomfortable

4. Dr. Martens Men's Icon Industrial Strength Steel Toe Boot

Dr. Martens Men's Icon Industrial Strength Steel Toe Boot

A standout amongst the most solid and intensely built work boot accessible available is the Dr. Martens Men's Icon Industrial model. On the off chance that highlights a cushioned lower leg support and brags a slip-safe development. Additionally, it's great to realize that this water-safe, electrical stun retaining boot is perfect for shielding you from different risks. Dr. Martens accompanies some air-padded outsoles that give solace and support.

Nowadays, most laborers are picking this model because of its slip-safe SAF bottom which gives stable balance. In addition, the certified full-grain and its waxy calfskin look and feel stunning. Hence, you have to realize that it is made of tough unwavering quality and it includes a warmth fixed welted development which accompanies a standard wood shank and a slip-safe PVC outsole which is electrical danger safe. Besides, it's vital to realize that these boots are ANSI/OSHA affirmed.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like



  Chemical resistant


  Not waterproof

  Not made for working in snow

5. KEEN Utility Men's Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Work Shoe

More like a work shoe rather than a work boot, the low-ascent Keen Utility Men's Atlanta Cool Steel Toe demonstrate offers the solace of a sneaker and the assurance of a profoundly characterized work boot. This calfskin and work configuration has a hilter kilter left and right steel toe and has an oil and water slip-safe, non-stamping elastic sole. These shoes are plume light yet have a punch loaded with defensive highlights that guard your feet against damage. Suggested for HVAC installers, roofers, and solid specialists, they are adaptable as well as to a great degree agreeable.

A work liner gives breathability and directed temperature in warm conditions. The simple trim up work enables you to modify the attack of the shoe, bolt it into put, empowering you to slip on the shoe as required. Normally we give audits on work boots, notwithstanding, this work shoe faces work boot quality, which is the reason we added it to our rundown.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

  Dual-density EVA midsole

  Slip-resistant sole

  Asymmetrical steel toes

  Solid stitching

  Different color option

  Doesn’t last long

  Minimal arch support

Steel Toe Work Boots for Women

Best safety toe boots for women are those that are lightweight, comfortable but durable as well. Check out the below list to pick the best steel toe boots for women.

6. KEEN Utility Women's Detroit Mid Steel Toe Work Boot

Another dedicated boot for persevering ladies is Keen's Utility Women's Detroit Steel Toe Work Boot. The Keen Detroit remains intense under substantial downpours, gives great footing, and toe assurance. However, this one with a tough look that sets well with your most loved outside work garments.

The Keen Utility Women's Detroit Steel Toe Work Boot is a tough low profile boot that joins the solace and attack of a climbing boot and the usefulness and security of a work boot. Like the majority of its climbing boots and dynamic footwear, Keen's Detroit work boots have a mix of calfskin and material upper.

The steel toe top is coordinated into Keen's tough slip-safe elastic outsole which wears a forceful carry design for solid grasp in elusive or flimsy terrains. The Detroit likewise brandishes the Keen Dry Technology in its extraordinary work texture that keeps dampness out yet enables air to flow around your feet and keep them warm and dry.

Detroit has a reasonably favorable position with its climbing work boot mix outline. While the upper has substantially more grounded defensive toe top and sturdier shape, it remains a lightweight 2 pounds, 3 times significantly lighter than Timberland's PRO TiTAN.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

  Steel protective toe cap

  Cozy foot sole area fit

  Uneven toe box takes after feet's common form

  Climate evidence upper

  High-footing underside

  Agreeable fit and inside

  Adaptable work boot for open air, urban and bumpy territory

  To a great degree lightweight

  Low profile boot gives less help to lower leg and

  Low profile sleeve may not continue streaming water or overwhelming deluges out as adequately as mid cut boots

7. Skechers for Work Women's Workshire Peril Steel Toe Boot

Whenever there's a rundown of the best and most in vogue work boots, Skechers dependably tries to get more than one spot. Today, the honor winning way of life worldwide pioneer in the footwear business gives ladies a comment forward to. Without a doubt, Skechers is famous for outlining and creating a staggering way of life footwear that interests to dedicated incline clever ladies, youngsters, and men. Yet, these folks can't quit awing, and that is clarified by the Skechers for Work Women's Workshire Peril Steel Toe Boot.

Including the hardest and gruffest wild ox insane stallion calfskin uppers, you know the toughness is crazy. These steel toe boots highlight exceptionally snappy and alluring sewing complements with ravishing fortified crease detail and an embellished Skechers logo along the edge for that added touch of class. The side and foot rear areas have calfskin overlays for greater steadiness in various workplaces. Not overlooking the solace perspective, the producer was sufficiently caring to join delicate texture boot coating and additional cushioning on the tongue and neckline to avoid teasing and rankling.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

  Shock absorbing midsole with wide impact distribution

  ASTM-rated steel safety toe boots

  Relaxed Fit® design

  Lug pattern for oil and slip resistant outsole for high traction

  Size matter

  Feel stiff around the ankle

8. Caterpillar Women's Echo Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot

skechers for Work Women Workshire Peril Steel Toe Boot

As a notable element in the overwhelming gear producing industry, Caterpillar Inc. knows some things about what goes into making the best work boots for ladies, which makes their work boots qualified for my rundown of best ladies' work boots.

Caterpillar (or CAT) utilizes what they call the iTechnology development that makes them strong and prepared for use in rough conditions. They are cowhide made with an elastic sole, utilizing the nubuck waterproof calfskin for included security in wet climate conditions. They have slip safe outsoles and a steel toe front and meet numerous wellbeing norms, including electrical danger assurance.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

  Specially built for safety wearing in factories

  CLong lasting

  Comfortable fit

  Higher arch

  iTechnology construction

  High price

9. Safety Girl II Steel Toe Waterproof Women's Work Boots

The Safety Girl II Steel Toe Waterproof Women's Work Boots is the ideal combination for ladies' boot with which the women can do their open-air exercises effortlessly and serenely. They have an artificial sole and comprise of a nubuck upper and a twofold hued elastic outsole. They are to a great degree tough and have stun engrossing or so far as that is concerned electric stun safe qualities.

They have inward padding which represents comfortable foot positions and its water-safe films ensure the foot agreeable and dry. The steel toe ensures the frontal segment of the foot or toe from moving articles and gear. They accompany redid dark bands to flaunt the touch of state of mind to the clients' character.

This great match of footwear is extremely quality product among the female segment of the group. Truth be told, the individuals who have obtained them have high checks for this item. They are for the most part worn at the place of development, at the season of ice trekking and so forth.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

  Long-lasting and durable

  Extremely attractive

  Can wear for a long run


  Synthetic sole



10. AdTec Women's 6″ Brown Steel Toe Work Boot

AdTec Women Brown Steel Toe Work Boot

When ladies extremely required a pair of shoe, which can give them comfort and performance as well as a standard pair of comfortable men’s shoe, then they can go for AdTec. When ladies have to work for yard work or other sorts of technical or climbing occupations, where boots are essential, it is terrible for them to wear men’s shoe. As a fact of wearing men’s shoe, women feel discomfort while use them due to causing rankle and calluses. During this time, AdTec Women’s 6-inch can give them the ultimate solution.

As the name proposes, ladies can expect a truckload of innovation and highlights styled for every one of their needs. The Oil resistant sole and calfskin uppers are truly outstanding that we found after experiencing several popular women’s work boot. Much the same as its male partner, this present Women's work boot from AdTech has a steel toe for ideal assurance levels. So, to have a better fit and comfortable, quality boot, you can own AdTec Women’s 6-inch steel toe work boot.

What We Like

What We Didn’t Like

  Protective steel safety toe boots

  Durable crazy horse leather exterior

  Oil resistant outsole


  A little heavy

Final Verdict

To pick the best steel toe boots 2018, you need to perceive your own needs. In the event that you need defensive footwear for your requesting employment, you should focus on the security and sturdiness qualities. These boots are delivered by acclaimed organizations, for example, Sketchers, Timberland, Caterpillar, and Keen. In the event that you will buy your first combine of steel toe boots, the Timberland can be a decent decision. It is the best brand for work boots since its boots accompany various highlights.

Best Steel Toe Boots - Features & Specs

  • Safety

You can easily realize that in any work environment, mishandling, falling of materials or even a small slip may cause crippling or wounds in feet. This may lead to even serious foot or leg injuries like punctures, smashed toes, sprains, gashes and so forth. A pair of best steel toe work shoes can eventually prevent it.

Companies are legally obliged to provide best safety toe work boots to the workers who are in a risk of getting injured in foot or leg. Everyone must have to be careful about legal requirements all the time. Hence, references of legal requirements are added at end of this post.

  • Comfort

Good work boots should be comfortable as we have to put on the pair for long hours. Usually one has to stay at workplace from 6 to 10 hours at a stretch. Therefore our work boots or work shoes have to be fit enough as our body to endure comfortably this long period. 

Usually a pair of boots will be comfortable when it supports every movement, it's made of good quality materials, is knitted well, and is made with precision as aligned with good design.

Unless your work boots are comfortable enough, it will be exhausting to work whole day long using the boots. So it should be an important consideration.

  • Performance

Performance is key to success in a workplace. Good personal protective equipment (PPEs) actually increase productivity of workers by improving work safety and confidence of manpower.

Generally work boots are specially designed to add up with performance of the employees. However bad design, poor materials can be disturbing and can reduce performance of the workers which may eat up profit of the company. So selecting the best work boots bears more significance than we actually guess.

As good work shoes are ergonomically efficient, it provide support and rest to the body. And it's crucial for efficiency and performance.

  • Durability

No one want to buy work boots every now and then with their hard earned cash. Because it isn't a fashion items rather a important work gear. For this, you have to choose a durable pair so that it last prolonged time.

The best work boots of a good brand are always durable and solid built. However it also requires your care to extend its longevity. You should always keep it dry and clean after returning from work.

  • Weight

Putting on a heavy pair of boots for long work hours can't be a good idea. That's why you have to check weight of the work boots before you finally buy it. Read carefully the product specification for being sure. Always select a moderate or light weight version.

Weight of the shoes depends upon base materials of sole, mid-sole and upper part, and its design. Choose a compact design rather than a bulky one.

Suggested Reading……..

Reference of Work Safety Requirements

United States Department of Labor has a functional Occupational Safety and Health Standards maintained by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). As per Standard Number 1910.136 under Part Number 1910 of this regulations, requirements for foot safety is clearly described with the title 'Foot Protection'-

General requirements
. The employer shall ensure that each affected employee uses protective footwear when working in areas where there is a danger of foot injuries due to falling or rolling objects, or objects piercing the sole, or when the use of protective footwear will protect the affected employee from an electrical hazard, such as a static-discharge or electric-shock hazard, that remains after the employer takes other necessary protective measures.

BS OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) - has similar regulations to comply. Actually reducing workplace hazard minimizes accident and increases productivity by boosting up employee morale.