Best Shoes to Wear After Foot Surgery- Including Buying Guide

Looking for the best shoes to wear after foot surgery? Then you've come into just the right place. People need foot surgery for in bunions, deformities of the feet or toes, flat foot form, etc. sometimes you may need surgery for the different problem associated with the heel or even for severe arthritis. Surgery solves 80% problem related to your feet. The rest of works for problem free feet are completed by proper rest, medicine and a good pair of footwear.

It is essential to wear appropriate footwear that allows the feet to recover thoroughly after your surgery. You can consult with your surgeon to have an idea or suggestion of a good pair of shoes to wear on post-surgery.

How to choose best shoes to wear after foot surgery?

So what makes a pair of shoe ideal to worn after surgery?

Look for these important factors on your selected shoes before going to buy them.

1. Rigidness

You have both options open to choose walking and running shoes stiff or flexible. Let’s me explain. Your feet could be stiff and rigid design for the very first stage after surgery. There are lots of walking boots available to protect feet and give it extra support. It helps the foot recover from surgery and safeguards it from external shock, pressure, etc.

The second of light and flexible on is good for after the stage of walking boots. You can’t wear those shoes for rest of the life. When your feet are almost pain-free and ready to move more, it’s the time to buy a beautiful pair or walking and running shoes. It helps the feet to keep in its actual form, support and protective enough for saving it for external pressure.

2. Inner Sole

Inner soles are most crucial part of walking shoes is especially when the feet just went through from a surgery. Look for inner soles which are comfortable to wear and gives your feet proper support and which are easily mountable.

You will find all these on No. 1 Podiatrist recommended Powerstep Orthotic Insoles. These insoles will provide full support to your feet and its tremendous cushioning will act as pain healing agent.

Many kinds of inner soles are available in the market. Try them to find which one suits with your condition best.

3. Outer Sole

After the inner sole, the outer sole is another import part while selecting the best shoes wear after foot surgery. Find something that fits reducing fatigue and give bounce while walking.

Unfortunately, the best quality outer sole is mostly found on running shores compare than walking. So consider a heavy-duty, flexible and durable outer sole you could consider having running shoes.

4. Walking or Running

Which one is bettered is a different topic, but it ultimately depends on your need. You can have them both and use them randomly depending on situations. Walking shoes are much light, roomy and fit snuggly. Oppose to the first one running shoes are advance more stable. They can take much pressure and shock and keep your feet aligned. Plus they are comfortable with if you can find a good one.

5. Style

The style is an important part, especially for women. Also, you are not going to wear it for sports. These shoes are going to walk with office, market, park, and banks or visiting some one’s house. Pick whatever color, pattern or design you like. But first, consider first four essential things that I mentioned earlier. Hopefully, my top pick of best shoes to wear after surgery should walk for any wardrobe selection.

Top 5 Best Shoes to Wear After Surgery

I find some exclusive shoes that you should consider before buying our pairs of shoes that are best post-surgery shoes. Have a look below and pick the pair you consider suitable for you.

1. RYKA Women's Sky Walking Shoe

Best Shoes to Wear After Foot Surgery

If you want all comfort, style, and longevity, then there is nothing like RYKA Women's Sky Walking Shoe. It’s made for providing lateral foot support while walking. You can use it for your everyday walk, work out, cross fit training or anything you like. After the feet surgery, you may not need those workout or sports parts a lot but its good no what this walking shoes can offer.

These shoes made of full leather and quality rubber mesh. It has breathable net- upper and supportive leather overlays. It’s lace-up walking shoes so you may need to down to tie or untie the lace often. But that is a helpful option to make it snuggle or tight fitting according to your need.

Another right side of the shoes is its memory foam sock liner and molded EVA midsole. These are ideal option to keep injured feet safe and give proper comfort. Also, the lightweight midsole with TPU midfoot shank is breathable. So, you can wear it with or without shocks for a long time.

The next this is outsole, the RYKA Women's Sky Walking Shoes has a durable rubber outsole with proper traction. The heel is not is more than flat less than high. It feels a little like walking back on the heel somewhat.

This one is best for those who need something light and less than rigid during the time of recovery. It has lots of colour option to choose according to your test/need and sizes as well.



  Comfortable give proper support that meant to be ideal shoes need to provide to surgical feet.

  Quality material and construction ensure better service for a long time.

  Comfortable memory foam sock liner.

  Molded and lightweight EVA midsole along with TPU midfoot shank.

  Durable rubber outsole with better traction.

  The toe box seems little narrow.

  Little pricey.

After switching form, the medical walking boots to walking shoes like this will be beneficiary of the health of your feet. It has a lot option for colour and sizes to be select and indeed long durable.

2. Saucony Women's ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe

Best Shoes to Wear After Foot Surgery

Here is another good pair of shoes that can be worn after your feet surgery. The Saucony Women's ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe is a new walking shoe for women that give proper comfort and support to your feet. They are fit for wear as long as you want without getting stiffness, the pain of sweat. It has enough cushioning not so foamy but replaceable. It’s especially an excellent choice for narrow feet.

These shoes are made of full grain leather. It’s stretchable so when you’re walking or need to turn around it will be flexible and support as hell! Moreover, it has padded tongue and collar grid cushioning unit. Besides, it has got durable XT-900 material in a high-wear portion on the outsole. The outsole is the permanent no marking outsole which practically suitable to use both indoor and outdoor.

These shoes are fit to use on the slippery rainy day or casual days. After the operation, you should not go out while it’s wet outside, but still, it’s a good option consider for future. Also, it’s better to go with one size large to buy particular this model. Like I said its bit narrower in kind so if you usually wear exact or half size larger; then order one size bigger than your real size.

Overall it’s a great pair of shoes for casual wearing or even for occasional. It has three color options to choose white/ silver, black, and stone. The styling option may little low with Saucony Women's ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe but not deniable for any classy woman.



  Comfortable wearing shoes and fit well according to the fit size expect people with wide toes.

  Progrid cushioning lightweight with a lightweight package.

  Provide more comfortable, and forefoot fit.

  No hassle with lacing up.

  Lightweight and long durable.

  Only three options to choose the color.

  Low arch support.

So, if you need some best shoes for walking, then there will be a great option especially for those who are looking for something reasonable. They are comfortable supporting ideal for injured or sensitive feet.

3. Asics Men's GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe

Asics Men's GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe

To getting an exceptional upper fit, here comes the best walking shoes for wearing after foot surgery the Asics Men's GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe. These shoes have both style and power. It’s the complete black shoes with dark grey detailing. It has exceptional fit, advance breathable mesh upper and improved medial window.

It comes with additional of the Ortholite sock liner. This sock-liner added a special mark of inner ease and bonus the safety of bacteria. Yes, it’s made for anti-microbial shield so your early injuries or any skin cut could be safe from an infection caused by sweating or anything else.

The shoes are free to form the hassle of tying up the laces. Also is snuggle feet won’t give you any pain blister shin splints or other hitches experienced with other walking shoes.

These best walking shoes for men hassle geometry which features DuoMax and Trusstic system technology. These features support and stabilize each step. This is a crucial part of weak and injured feet. It will keep aligning your toes and heels better. Moreover, the shoe has rear and forefoot gel cushioning systems including the gender-specific system. That’s the reason for this gender-specific system. It gives you the stabilization while stepping on an uneven surface or wet road. Compare then all others the Neo 4 from Asics is ten times comfortable for its forefoot gel cushioning system. So that you could walk mile after miles without facing any discomfort of pain.



  Very breathable and suitable for wearing throughout the day.

  Comfortable padded tongue collar, and detachable insoles.

  Lightweight walking shoes along with breathable mesh panels.

  Shoe fits well according to the fit size.

  Made of synthetic and fabric.

  Very cost effective.

  Good with length but the depth and width are to snuggling.

  Narrower on the toe box

So, if you have good shape of feet not too wide then defiantly this one will suit you well. It’s an affordable option which is seeking walking shoes especially after having the foot surgery.

4. New Balance Men's M1340 Optimal Control Running Shoe

New Balance Men's M1340 Optimal Control Running Shoe

The New Balance Men's M1340 Optimal Control Running Shoes perfect for those who need something wide, sturdy and comfortable. You may not plan on running after surgery, but if you are a runner and recover from the post-operation stage, then you might consider having running shoes like this. This model of New Balance is perfect for any age of people. Like, they are stylish, so they could be perfect for any youngster. But they are not unwieldy that makes a. elderly look odd.

In addition, these best running shoes have full toe box, N2 cushioning technology with Acteva Lite midsole foam. Acteva is highly versatile foam with fantastic performance. It’s specially formulated to deliver support without compromising the flexibility or weight.

These shoes are very soft and comfortable. It has light arch support to people with flat arch may need an insole for that. But others can use it with comfort. It has 12 mm heel to toe drop which meant it’s not like those almost flat walking shoes. For the outer sole, they use the Abzorb rubber sole with proper traction. It provides a grip while running or turning or else while jumping. This Abzorb rubber increase cushioning and compression resistance. It aids absorbing any forceful impacts.

In midsole, it has N2 a low to ground technology which responsive, equally comfortable and durable. Its low profile cushioning is versatile and light.

The New Blanca has a reputation for making well-fitted shoes. They have done quite research and development finally create it. These running shoes specially made for the athletes. So, on that note, you can guess its sturdy structure and durability.



  Consist of white toe box so suitable for large feet.

  Offer double density post and Team pronation control.

  Perfect option for Medicare reimbursement.

  Soft cushioning technology provides more excellent support and comfort.

  Includes extraordinary ABZORB crash pad heel unit.

  The shoes made of high-quality synthetic mesh.

  Expensive footwear.

These shoes offer quality construction with long durable performance. So, it could be the best investment for you every day walking, running or workouts.

5. ASICS Men's GEL-Kayano 22 Running

ASICS Men's GEL-Kayano 22 Running Shoe

Last but not least, the ASICS Men's GEL-Kayano 22 Running is a top chose those love well fitted, comfortable and stable shoes. Let me tell you one thing at first, these boots suit more people with average and narrow feet. If you have large or wide feet, then it may not fit you well.

This running shoes are sturdy and well-built and come with the Gel-cushioning system. This feature will help you a lot to keep the feet in comfort for a long time. Also, it provides vast shock absorption with its impact guidance system. It follows the foot’s natural gait so the stress can be reducing on long-term wearing.

Another great detail of these shoes is their incorporated seamless upper. This virtually seamless construction offers optimal support and stability. That is why it’s the perfect distance shoes for mild or moderate overpronators. It has excellent impact protection which gives your proper comfort and balance during a long run.

That was a brief for regular athletes who seek for something powerful. But you have sensitive feet which need to treat specially. So if you have the standard shape of feet then just consult with its manufacture about the size and try to order ½ or 1 size bigger than usual.

Overall it provides excellent support and longevity that anyone asks for. This model of ASICS became very popular. The company have improved the design currently. It’s now 20% more bouncy, 15% lighter and more comfortable. But it’s a 4-pound running and its heavy than our other reviewed best shoes to wear after foot surgery. However, if you are ok with some of these kind flaws then definitely it’s a great one to consider.



  Lots of charming colors and reflective featuring details to choose among your style and test.

  Durable high traction rubber outsole.

  Particular FluidRide bounce- back cushioning.

  Gait- enhancing impact guidance system and excellent impact protection for long runners.

  Made of fabric/ synthetic mesh and provide flexible performance.

  The shoes are more suitable for narrow feet.

ASICS Men's GEL-Kayano 22 shoes are also fit for people with a flat arch. If the sizing is correct, you will enjoy these boots after few days of buy.


A good pair of walking or running shoes may cost you bit high especially when you want it to be incredibly supportive and comfortable after the foot surgery. But it’s worth the investment. Also, later it will keep you company on the different situation on a walk, run or workouts. Because, good quality shoes are very durable and workable that any one demand for. And bonus point is manufacturers are working on different and stylish walking or running best shoes to wear after foot surgery that is flexible but stable at the same time.