The Best Shoes for Summertime Hikes

Best Shoes for Summertime Hikes

Hiking is a great sport. You get to explore the wilderness, get in touch with nature and also stay fit while inhaling the fresh air. Picking the pair of hiking boots can make or break your outdoors experience. The right boots will allow you to enjoy your time on rough trails as you explore new terrains without feeling any pain or discomfort.

We know that picking the suitable pair of trekking shoes is not an easy process. There are a lot of models on the market and they come in different shapes, colors, and styles. If you are looking for the best walking boots, then you’ve come to the right place.

Note: Hiking, Biking and other similar outdoor activities are always exiting experiences. However, you need to be totally fit and organized to successfully complete your journey. So, keep you fit with regular exercise. And when you're out for a hiking or biking excursion, always get prepared and carry your essentials belongings in a good biking bag. ​

Types of Hiking Shoes

If you are doing a research about hiking, you can get professional research proposal help. But finding the right footwear is a different story. There are several types of hiking boots. Understanding the difference between them will help you pick the right pair for your upcoming hiking adventure.

Hiking Shoes

These are flexible shoes that you can use for trekking and hiking. They are very comfortable to wear and will support your feet.

Day Hiking Boots

These can be medium or high-cut models. They are more durable and made to withstand the harsh conditions on a hiking trail. They flex easily and will support your feet for a one-day trip.

Backpacking Boots

These are the boots you should wear if you are going on a long trip while carrying heavy loads. They usually wrap high above the ankle for maximum support and are more durable than all the other models.

How to Pick the Right Pair of Hiking Shoes

How to Pick the Right Pair of Hiking Shoes

Hiking and trekking are great activities that you can enjoy in your free time. Understanding the nature of your trip and the activities that you will most likely engage in is going to help you with choosing the right shoes. Wearing the wrong pair of boots is not only going to make you uncomfortable but can actually deprive you of enjoying your time. Here are a few features to consider while picking the right and most comfortable hiking boots.

Think About the Terrain

You should pick your boots based on the terrain you are more likely going to explore. Adding unnecessary weight to your feet will make you feel drained at the end of a long hike. At the same time, lightweight hiking boots that don’t support your feet or offer too much protection will put your feet at risk.

Trail shoes are perfect for regular hikes where you don’t carry a big load. Low-cut or mid-cut boots are usually made of fabric, leather or split-leather. They are not suitable for rocky trails, unlike rough trail boots. These are also made of fabric and leather combinations or split leather. You can also find waterproof hiking boots if you tend to go hiking in rainy weather. Off-trail boots are made of full-grain leather and are by far more durable than all the other models. They are the best hiking shoes for men who like to go on long trips where they carry heavy loads. These shoes are super durable and are waterproof. They also offer good traction. Mountaineering boots are rather heavy, offer good traction and insulation. They should be well broken in before you go on a hike, otherwise, you will end up with painful blisters.

If you love trekking near rivers or lakes then you should think about waterproof trekking shoes. These will keep your feet dry and will support your ligaments so you can spend a long day without feeling any pain or discomfort.

Get the Right Fit

Wearing the wrong size or fit causes pain and discomfort. It is the main reason behind blisters, plantar fasciitis, blackened toenails and other painful health problems. Wearing the best walking socks can relieve some of the pressure that you feel while wearing your boots.

You should try to get the pair of boots that support your feet. Whether you have a low or high arch, you can always find the perfect pair. Make sure that the toe box doesn’t hurt or cramp your toes especially after a long day. Your shoes shouldn’t be too loose or too tight to support your feet properly.


You need to make sure that your footwear offers the adequate amount of cushioning. This will absorb the shock as you hike and will support your muscles and ligaments. Having ankle padding is a big plus because your ankle moves and flexes a lot. A lot of hikers suffer from heel blisters because of poor cushioning and stiff soles. The best thing to do is to make sure that your shoes are properly broken in before taking them on a hike.


Your footwear should be suitable for the weather. Breathable shoes will keep your feet dry and cool even after a long hike and are the best summer hiking boots. If your shoes have vents or mesh that allow for better air flow and more ventilation, they will be perfect for hot days. If you tend to go hiking in winter or on snowy trails, then you should make sure that your shoes have some kind of insulation. These will keep your feet warm and safe even if the temperature drops especially during the cold season. These shoes should also be anti-skid to keep your feet stable on slippery trails.

Picking the most comfortable hiking boots is an easy job if you take such factors into consideration. Make sure that you try your shoes on before the purchase to see if they are the perfect fit and style for your upcoming hiking quest.

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