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Best Minimalist Running Shoes: Top 3 Picks

Best Minimalist Running Shoes

For those of you not familiar with minimalist shoes they are a new concept that has been gaining popularity an impressive rate in the last few years. As the name suggests, the minimalist shoes are thin soled, completely flexible and offer almost none to absolutely no support at all. Imagine if your sock had a super flexible rubber sole on the bottom and you have a good idea of what a minimalist shoe is like.

What is Minimalist Shoes?

The theory behind minimalist footwear is that we have actually weakened ourselves by walking in supportive shoes because supportive shoes help reduce the work required to be mobile. This is not limited to just arch support but includes any footwear designed to make walking easier. By wearing the minimalist shoes you will force the muscles that have gone unused and have gotten lazy to start firing and thereby strengthening your feet, legs and core muscles.

Many reputable and respected shoe manufacturers have gotten behind this new idea including, Merrell, New Balance. Vibram has even gone from just manufacturing soles to entering into the mix with their new “five-fingered shoes.” They are currently selling well and likely here to stay so we will be seeing them from many manufacturers. Here we've selected best minimalist running shoes of 2017 for you.

Best Minimalist Running Shoes

1. Merrell Men's Vapor Glove 2

Best Minimalist Running Shoes

Merrell Vapor Glove 2 have been designed mainly for runners who want to experience a minimalist barefoot running. It gives a durable cushioning for the underfoot. Even though the traction is not like that of working boots, it features a lightweight molded EVA foam with an adjustable support to the feet. They aren’t cheap but taking into consideration the quality and reputation of the brand it’s safe to say they’re worth the price.

2. Vibram Men's KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe

Best Minimalist Running Shoes

Vibram KSO is a minimalist walking shoe that gives the quality aggregate of protection and surface connection. The grip and traction are outstandingly ideal, mainly for people who are getting into barefoot running. This footwear gives a runner that feeling of running on bare feet. They can be easily folded up for packing in small areas while walking or hill climbing..

3. New Balance 20v5 Training Shoe 

Best Minimalist Running Shoes

New Balance 20v5 is preferred by most of the runner because of the level of comfort it exhibits. This shoe tends to wear out quickly, especially the sole, due to it being a minimalist trail shoe that runners choose for rough terrain. Remembering the appearance and fit, the responsiveness, the great outsole, the grip and traction, and the support offered by this shoe, the value is way above the cost. Most of the verified customer left positive reviews on the quality and durability of this minimalist shoe model.


To sum it up, they are designed to have us walk the way nature intended. Unassisted by external help such as sturdy shoes, arch support, extra cushion (ext.) One very important thing to remember about this is, nature never intended us to walk on concrete or other dead flat, unforgiving surfaces. It is very important that you read this entire article and think carefully before investing in minimalist footwear.