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Best Flip Flops for Men; Comfortable and Trendy!

Comprehensive reviews on comfortable, durable flip flops or sandals

Best flip flops for menBest flip flops for men

Best flip flops for men - why is it actually required? Wearing a good pair of sandals (or flop flops, as you say) and taking down the nearby country road - what can be more relaxing pastime than this?

Actually, almost everyone would prefer to wear a good pair of flip flops unless situations make us to wear other footwear. So be you are a busy or a lazy man, you should have own the best mens flip flops or sandals available out there.

I can write more words describing all the features of the best flip flops for men. However I know  what you would like most right now - to grab the best sandals from the list below. But don’t worry if you need to check the features that we considered to make the list. You would find it right below the recommendations of products.

10 ​Best Flip Flops for men

We have carefully picked the list below on best mens' flip flops or sandals. That's why, you can choose any pair without hesitation. Just be picky for only style type.

1. Reef Men's Flex Sandal

Reef is surf, and as its name denotes they’re inspired by water, waves, and ocean. And they are genuine global surf brand that harvests best of the lifestyle. They offer authentic, innovative, comfortable and fashionable products.

As Reef has a strong Latin root at the brands’ core they possess inherent sensuality to beach and ocean-centric lifestyle. Reef team is committed to having fun in and out of the water, and they offer innovative products to the world that inspires them.

Reef literally produces best flip flops for men. Most of Reef sandals are signature of comfort and flexibility. Reef Men's Flex Sandal is one of the mens best flip flops.

The Reef Flex men’s sandals are so flexible that it would do well at yoga class. These sandals are built with extra comfortable Reef Flex EVA high-quality synthetic Nubuck upper with high contrast in-lay details.

Adding up with this its' comfortable textile lining gives it a very modern in look. And durable and grippy molded rubber out sole gives you permission for walking on wet and slippery surface.

Wearing this flip flops you will feel of walking on a cloud while getting the bottoms of your feet massaged as you go.

What you will Like

What you may not Like

  • Relaxing Reef comfort
  • Compression molded EVA footbed
  • Water friendly, best for surfing
  • Made in USA or imported
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Not a good fit for those who prefer leather

2. Reef Men's Fanning Speed Logo Flip-Flop

Reef Mens Fanning Speed Flip Flops

In 2004, REEF introduced their signature Thirst Quenching Technology (TNT) for flip flops or sandals which features a bottle opener in every sole. This opener doesn't only help you to open a bottle and quench your thirst, it also provides special support to the sole. REEF introduced TNT in number of models including this, Man's Fanning Speed Logo Flip Flops.

Fanning is the sandal of surfing legend, three-time world champion and perennial pro surfing powerhouse, Mick Fanning. This flip flops are ultimate athletic sandals with special features that makes this sandal one of the best seller mens flip flops.

Full grain leather upper gave this model an aesthetic look, however top quality synthetic rubber out sole made it long lasting. Its' heel measures approximately 1" and on top of that as it features air cushions what makes it highly comfortable. Moreover anatomical arch support from its EVA foot bed confirms comfort from every end and for every adventure.

This is ultimately one of the best flip flops for men and you can choose this without thinking much.

What you will Like

What you may not Like

  • Highly comfortable and athletic
  • EVA footbed, compression molded
  • Air bag on heel provides extra comfort
  • Fiber shank for support
  • Best selling product (with reasons to be)
  • Leather flip flops, not so water friendly
Rainbow Mens Single Layer Leather Sandal

Rainbow Mens Single Layer Leather Sandal

Rainbow is a typical American company, and traditional household name for its best sandals and best flip flops. Actually, Rainbow sandals are the gold standard for best sandals and flip flops.

This quality brand ensures each pair is handmade with life support parachute stitching and tests 2000 lb military specialty straps.

The single layer Rainbow sandal is made of premier grade nubuck leather top sole and strape. Again the nylon toe piece is made using premium boned nylon thread. So quality is the first and final word for any Rainbow sandals and flip flops.

What is left there to say about Rainbow flip flops? If you have never had a pair - buy one now!

What you will Like

What you may not Like

  • Made for comfort
  • Single layer arch support
  • Non-slip Rainbow bottom
  • Classic finished leather
  • Not so water friendly

4. Rainbow Sandals for Men Double Layer

Rainbow Sandals Mens Double Layer

Rainbow Sandals Mens Double Layer

Rainbow Sandals are best flip flops not only for men, actually people of all ages. We, Americans are wearing these for generations.

This double layer special Rainbow leather sandal is made for comfort. Because with an added layer of mid soles it provides extra arch support.

The top sole is premier nubuck leather and nicely embossed with Rainbow logo. As the leather strap is double stitched and the layers are triple glued the flip flops confirms maximum durability.

Moreover, its non slip Rainbow bottom gives you free license to walk risk free on any surface.

Rainbow Double Layer Leather sandals one of the best flip flops avaiable in the market. 

What you will Like

What you may not Like

  • Double layer provides double arch support
  • Non-slip Rainbow bottom
  • Classic finished leather
  • Rainbow Guarantee
  • Not so water friendly

5. Teva Men's Pajaro Flip-Flop

Teva Men's Pajaro Flip-Flop

Teva Men's Pajaro Flip-Flop

Founded in early 1980’s by Colorado River guide, Teva has evolved as a pioneer for sports sandal manufacturer. Athletes, travelers and enthusiasts have traveled across the known and unbeaten paths wearing great outdoor gears made by Teva.

Teva Mens Pajaro flip flop is a great sport sandal. You can definitely enjoy a long walk and the pair can be a good accompany at your summer vacation.

This modern looking slipper give you confidence for a casual walk or light hike for Durabrasion Rubber™ outsole that maintains great traction and durability. EVA foam midsole absorb shocks from every steps while the nylon shank provide excellent arch support and stability. Its suede upper are based on TIDE hydro open-toe construction that drains the water out of the surface.

Best features that separates Teva Pajaro Flip Sandal from other sandals is its Microban® Zinc-based antimicrobial treatment that prevents odor-causing bacteria and takes care of your feet and environment.

What you will Like

What you may not Like

  • Gorgeous sporty look
  • Environment friendly slipper
  • Two tone EVA midsole is very comfortable
  • Signature ShockPad at heel releases pressure
  • Prevents Odor causing bactaria
  • Not many color choices

6. Reef Men's Phantom Speed Logo Flip-Flop

Reef Mens Phantom Speed Logo Flip Flops

Reef Mens Phantom Speed Logo Flip Flops

As you know already, Reef offers best quality sandals or flip flops that are not only unparallel in quality, extremely comfortable but also highly fashionable.

This model, Reef Phantom Speed Logo Flip Flops is made of high quality synthetic ultra soft water friendly materials. Its grippy high density outsole prevent from any unwanted slip at wet surface. So you can use your sandals in beach and water without any hesitation.

It has super soft contoured foam footbed which offer instant comfort. Its molded footbed designed to provide arch support so that you can comfortably use the pair all day long.

What you will Like

What you may not Like

  • Highly comfortable and athletic
  • Contoured EVA footbed with arch support
  • Ultra soft water friendly materials
  • Made in USA or imported
  • Comfortable sythetic materials
  • Foam bed may not last long

7. Olukai Ohana Sandal - Men's Flip-Flop

OluKai Ohana Sandal - Mens

OluKai Ohana Sandal - Mens

OLUKAI promotes in Aloha lifestyle and their approach is much different than other footwear company. Their ultimate mission is to introduce footwear that are durable and at the same time matches with ocean lifestyle. OLUKAI is a brand that has strong values and roots with style, comfort, and craftsmanship.

OLUKAI’s classic Ohana is one of the best flip flops for men and a go-to choice for simple everyday style.

Its upper is made with water resistant synthetic nubuck leather with an ultra soft, quick drying jersey. Soft drop-in footbed contains anatomical compression molded EVA midsole for proper support and comfort. And its non-making gum rubber outsole contains coral reef lug design for added grip.


OLUKAI maintains unmatched design principal for flip flops or sandals that made them distinct footwear maker.

Wet Sand Principle: As inspired by the feeling of bare feet in wet beach sand, Olukai’s footwear are created with anatomical contoured footbeds to deliver instant comfort and lasting support.

The Arch: They integrates superior natural shock absorption and a coiled spring effect in the foot to maintain healthier functioning as they believe that proper medial and lateral arch support reduces aches and pain.

The Toe: They maintain a generous toe box that allows your toes to spread naturally for better balance and for stress less comfort.

The Heel: Olukai’s heel cup centers and aligns the foot to minimize side to side movement and provide stability. Thus the sandals enhance body’s natural cushioning and bone protection

What you will Like

What you may not Like

  • Ergonomic, reduces aches and pain
  • Natural cushioning and bone protection
  • Great choice to wear in beach and boat
  • Made in USA or imported
  • Comportable synthetic materials
  • Looks a bit flat

8. OOFOS Unisex OOriginal Thong Men's Flip-Flop

OOFOS OOriginal Thong Flip Flop

OOFOS Unisex OOriginal Thong Flip Flop

OOFOS is famous for making recovery athletic footwear for all ages. Their Oofoam technology made the brand OOFOS incomparable than other recovery shoes.

Athletic shoes has to be generally efficient recover your feet from today’s workout and reinvigorates quickly so you get ready for tomorrow. OOfom technology absorbs reduce stress on the feet, body and soul to recover; it absorbs 37% more shock than traditional shoes, relieves pressure on ankle, knees, hips and back, allows feet to move in a natural motion.

You can OFFOS Unisex OOriginal Thong Flip Flops as your jogging shoes or even for healing plantar fasciitis. This flip flops are moisture resistant, so it doesn’t retain smell.

OOriginal Thong flip flops are washable in machine. That’s why these sandals can be a good choice for where a large number of sandals are used, especially in large hostels and training camps.

What you will Like

What you may not Like

  • Best quality athletic recovery sandal
  • Absorb 37% more shock than other good shoes
  • Unisex flip flops for men and women
  • Different color choices are available
  • Durable, Machine washable
  • Not for those who wear leather sandals only

9. Crocs Men's Swiftwater Sandal M

OOFOS OOriginal Thong Flip Flop

Crocs Men's Swiftwater Sandal M

Croc believes that happiness comes from comfort, and they claim they make most comfortable and delightful shoes. They invest in innovating revolutionary materials for lighter, softer and flexible shoes and flip flops.

Swiftwater sandals and flip flops are a good choice from your backyard to the great outdoor expeditions as your travel mate. You can take the water friendly pair to your next Caribbean tour.

Crpocs Men’s Swiftwater Sandal M is very smart looking comfortable sandal. These sandals are neatly based on a synthetic rubber sole to give you traction, on top of that the mesh upper can be adjusted with hook and loop closure.

As based on Iconic Corc Comfort these are extremely lightweight and flexible, but it’s also remarkably tough to hold you all day long. These flips flops are odor resistant, easy to clean and very quick to dry.

Buying a pair of Crocs sandal could be a good idea.

What you will Like

What you may not Like

  • Iconic Crocs comfort
  • Lighter, softer, yet stronger
  • Innovative design
  • Great for Kayak and Canoe
  • Odor resistant
  • Not for those who wear leather sandals only

10. NIKE Men's Solarsoft Comfort Slide Sandal

NIKE Mens Solarsoft Comfort Slide Sandal Sport Sandals Slides

NIKE Mens Solarsoft Comfort Slide Sandal Sport Sandals Slides

At last, a red one from NIKE- though it has other few excellent color variations.

NIKE's Solarsoft Comfort Slides are specailly good for everyday home use. "Easy" is the word that goes with these flip flops; Easy to put on, Easy to put off, Easy to clean and yes, Easy to to buy (Just click on the Button below).

Depending on the  width of your feet, these slides are adjustable though comfortable. Detailed mesh on the upper made it breathable, while Memory foam foot bed and natural motion provides all day serious comfot.

When it's from NIKE, it's always sporty.

What you will Like

What you may not Like

  • Solarsoft comfort
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Not a good choice for flat feet

Buying Guide for Men's best Flip Flops

Comfort: Comfort should be your first choice when you buy best flip flops or best sandals for men. Because at a casual personal time or when you are with your family or when are in a beach with friends, you need a pair of comfortable sandals or flip flops for easy movement. Comfortable shoes will provide great support to your feet; even recovery shoes will heal your pain. Therefore carefully confirm you get this in your flip flops.

Material: Good products are made from good materials. Thats why cheap, uncomfortable materials won’t make a good pair of flip flops. So when you’re going to buy leather sandals, check if the flip flops belts are of good fine grain leather. Again when you’re looking for sandals to be used even in beach and water, never choose leather sandals. In this case, check if the rubber or synthetic materials are of fine quality.

Style: When you choose a classic (y-strap) flip flops or sandals of men, always choose from good color combination. On the other hand, if you are looking for upscale flip flops, choose from contrast leather strap designs. However, you can also choose from modern designs, then stick with good brands like Teva, Reef or Corcs.

Orthopedic: Some of the brands invest in innovations so that their flip flops can orthopedically correct and can technically sound to support the feet. Thats why, these sandals can be relaxing, and can reduce aches pain. So this type of flips flops would definitely offer you double benefit.

Versatile versions: Always choose from a versatile sandal so that you can wear in different situations and different places as well. Versatile flip flops are adaptable for a walk in a sandy beach, for a light hike, even in rafting or kayak. Olukai Ohana could be a good choice in above list.

Fittingness: When your sandals are a misfit, even a pair from very good models could could disgusting rating from you. So check carefully if the product is fit to your feet. When you buy shoes online you have to specially check size guide so that you can choose the best fit sandals.

Long Lasting: When you’re paying well for your flip flops, you definitely expect long service out of the pair. So the warranty period the manufacturer offer for your pair.  The trick here is - most products tend last longer than warranty period. You can also check the user reviews.

Beach and Water: You would pass your good times in summer playing beach volleyball, or around anywhere near ocean or gardening. So you’ve to pick best pair of flip flops that works well in water or water resistant. In that case, your choice could Crocs, Reef or Teva styles. And it will be wise if you choose from the models that don’t hold water and sand on its surface.

Budget: Price of a trendy, comfortable pair of flip flops can spreads from 35 dollars to even over 100 dollars. You can pick the pair that can meet your requirement and within your budget.

Final Verdict

You alreday have seen that each of the pairs are showcased here are contenders for best flip flops for men. Suggesting a single pair is really hard here. However if anyone soulfully ask me to suggest a pair from the list, I will go for Reef Men's Fanning Speed Logo Flip Flop. This flip flops are really comfortable, technically correct and versatile for any use.