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Best Ankle Boots for Women | Top Styles and Trends

Best Ankle Boots for Women

Though I've stated before that ankle boots aren't typically my favorite style, and that I'm much more of a "tall boots" kind of girl, the stunning selection of short boots for fall/winter 2017-2018 could definitely change all of that. Seriously. There were so many gorgeous styles to choose from that it took me forever to narrow this list down to something manageable.

In keeping with the season's hottest trends, you'll find below lots of boots with western styling, a few somewhat grunge-y styles, and of course, some classics for good measure.

1. Dolce Vita 'Beryl' - Short Dress Boots with Hidden Wedge Heels

There's something really cool about hidden wedge heels -- especially on sleek, short boots like these suede stunners from Dolce Vita.

Because the covered wedge heels are so blended with the boots' uppers, they don't seem nearly as bulky or obtrusive as some other wedge styles do. And, that cohesiveness allows styles like this to be successfully worn with a wider variety of outfits.

For example, boots like these would look great with jeans, pants, or suits, but they'd also work well with skirts and dresses. And, if you brought a pair of sexy stockings or tights into the equation, well, then they sky would be the limit.

2. Report Signature 'Allon' - Velvet Grunge

Yes, they're definitely grunge-inspired, but their inky blue velvet uppers take these lace-up ankle boots to a whole new level.

And, while their casual nature makes these lookers a natural for pairing with jeans, it would be a shame not to show them off. The good news is, it is easy to do so, because these boots would look great paired with tights and worn with casual skirts and dresses.

You could even go the leggings route if you wanted, but I'd still consider wearing an extra long shirt or tunic with them, to help balance out the chunky 3.5" heels and lug soles.

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Classic' - Fun, Funky & Chunky Boots

Here's another winner in the casual boots department, and if it wasn't for them costing nearly $400, they'd already be in my closet. Because, while it's pretty much a given that nobody does casual, cool, grunge quite like Marc Jacobs, he's really outdone himself with these knockout ankle boots.

The chunky 3.5" heels are just the perfect height, and the tiny stars dotting the black suede uppers bring the perfect amount of casual glam to the overall package. Naturally, they'd be great with jeans, but if you really want to show these puppies off, you'd wear them with a skirt or dress, and use a pair of tights to tie the whole look together.

4. Pour La Victoire 'Bissit' - Stylish Ankle Boots in Black or Red

One of my favorite styles on the list, these ankle boots from Pour La Victoire perfectly straddle the line between classic and edgy. Their basic shape and finish gives them a look that transcends trends, and their modern heels and glossy accents bringing a high-end, contemporary vibe to the mix.

A great match for everything from jeans to maxi skirts, these pretties come in black or red, with both versions featuring a metallic silver lining on their curved 4" heels.